‘Historic’ Hike in Minimum Support Price Is Nothing but a Farce

Agrarian crisis in India

Agrarian crisis in India

In the midst of a serious crisis in the agricultural sector and huge farmers’ movement across the country, the Modi government has announced an ‘increase’ in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for some crops. Immediately following this announcement (which, as a matter of fact, is a much delayed announcement for the Kharif cropping season), the BJP-RSS propaganda machinery has gone all out touting it as a ‘historic’ achievement. Yet, bare facts speak absolutely otherwise: the MSP ‘increase’ is nothing but yet another electoral jumla. None of the demands of the farmers’ movement has been addressed by the announcement. Major farmers’ organisations have also called the declaration a historic betrayal with the farmers. Continue reading

Save UGC: Act now and Send Feedback before 20th July

UGC scrapping representative image

UGC scrapped

In a shocking and abrupt decision, the MHRD has proposed to dangerously dismantle the University Grants Commission (UGC) by repealing the UGC Act of 1956 and replace UGC with Higher Education Commission of India (HECI). The proposed HECI only have no power of disbursing the much needed grant for Universities and that power will henceforth be completely on the Government. This move is not simply one of restructuring, but a dangerous road map to to kill the inclusive character of higher education in India.

The draft Act is available at https://t.co/mWtT2IORIk

To know what AISA thinks about this dangerous draft proposal of MHRD , click here.

 A very short window to respond on the proposed draft has been given to the public. The public response to the proposed draft act will have to be given within 20th of July, 5 pm.  Professor Ayesha Kidwai and Debaditya Bhattacharya have drafted a clause by clause elaborate response to the proposed act. This can be used as a united response of stake holders on the proposed act.

You can read the full draft of this response here.

 We appeal to all educationists, stakeholders & others to furnish their comments & suggestions by 20th july 2018 till 5 p.m & mail at reformofugc@gmail.com.

THIS CAN BE DONE IN FIVE EASY STEPS, taking 2-3 mins of your time!

  1. Open your email, and COMPOSE a new email. In the subject field, paste: FEEDBACK FOR DRAFT HECI ACT 2018.
  2. In the to field, paste: reformofugc@gmail.com
  3. Click herePress the copy button on top right, or simply copy (CTRL + C on Windows; COMMAND + C on MAC).
  4. PASTE the copied text in the body of your email (CTRL + V on Windows; COMMAND + V on MAC).
  5. Hit send, and you’re done!

AISA requests all students and teachers of this country to send this feedback to the MHRD and resist the conspiracy to end autonomous and affordable higher education in India.


Resist the dangerous proposal to dismantle UGC

UGC scrapping representative image

UGC scrapped

In a shocking and abrupt decision, the MHRD has proposed to dangerously dismantle the University Grants Commission (UGC) by repealing the UGC Act of 1956 and replace it with Higher Education Commission of India (HECI). The proposed HECI will only focus on the questions of academic standards of the university, while the Government will take charge of the grant giving function.

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प्रधानमंत्री कार्यालय (PMO) और DoPT का नया फरमान

DoPT logo

DOPT logo

देश के 10 महत्त्वपूर्ण मंत्रालयों के संयुक्त सचिव के पद पर नियुक्ति के लिए आज भाजपा सरकार ने विज्ञप्ति जारी की है। ये अफसर श्रेणी के वो पद हैं जो देश के लिए नीतियाँ बनायेंगे।

  1.  विज्ञापन में कहा जा रहा है कि ये नियुक्तियाँ बगैर किसी परीक्षा की होंगी!
  2. इन नियुक्तियों में SC, ST, OBC और PH आरक्षण लागू नही होगा!
  3. आवेदक किसी प्राइवेट या विदेशी कंपनियों से जुड़े अधिकारी भी हो सकते हैं!

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AIPF Fact Finding Report on Thoothukudi Police Firing

People's protest in Thoothukudi

People’s protest in Thoothukudi. Photo credit : N.Rajesh

An AIPF Team consisting of R. Vidyasagar, social scientist, Clifton, Advocate, Bangalore, G. Ramesh, Advocate, Tirunelveli, Abdul Nizam, Advocate, Thirunelveli, and Sundarraj, social activist, Thirunelveli, has visited and Kumareddypuram, Veerapandipuram, Pandarampatti, and settlements of Anna Nagar and Therespuram in Tutucorin town on 27th May 2018. The team also visited the Government General Hospital at Tutucorin and interacted with in patients who were subjected to severe injuries due to police bullets and lathi charge. Continue reading

Cobrapost Stings Unmask India’s Big Media Houses

Representative Image of Paid Media

Image Cortesy – The Wire

The recent Cobrapost Sting operation codenamed 136 (this was India’s global rank in terms of press freedom index when perhaps the sting was shot, by the time the sting was made public India’s rank had however slipped to 138 according to the 2018 list) gives us a very clear insight into the functioning of the dominant Indian media under the Modi dispensation. Continue reading

Four Years Of Modi Raj

Modi Government's 4 years representative image

4 years of Modi Government. Photo Courtesy – DD News

Farmers Betrayed

What Modi promised

  • MSP (Minimum Support Price) of crops incorporating 50 per cent profit over and above farmers’ cost of production (‘C2’ – i.e including seed, irrigation, manure, labour as recommended by Swaminathan Commission) (election speech 2014)
  • Doubling farmers’ incomes by 2022 (election speech 2014)
  • Farm loan waivers in UP (election speech Feb 2017)

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Autonomy for Universities: Final Blow to Affordable Higher Education

On 20th March MHRD minister Prakash Javadekar declared ‘autonomy’ for 60 higher educational institutions. He also called it ‘historic day’ for Indian Higher education. What he hid was the fact that autonomy means no fund from the government. This video explains how autonomy and other recent policy decisions are going to end all opportunities of higher education for students coming from ordinary and poor backgrounds. We need to expose the farce and fight back!.

To read more click here.

Reservation Decimated In University Faculty Positions : UGC’s Roadmap to Vanish the Marginalised

Universty Grants Commission

In April this year three universities advertised for faculty positions. The Central University of Tamil Nadu offered 2 posts for OBC category out of 65 total faculty positions advertised. The Indira Gandhi National Tribal University offered 1 post under OBC category out of total 52 posts advertised. In both the cases no SC/ST reservation has been offered. And in Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya no reservation has been provided for SC/ST or OBC out of 18 posts advertised. Continue reading

10 मई 1857 की आज़ादी की पहली लड़ाई का संदेश: आज की ज़िम्मेदारी

Painting Depicting 1857 rebellion

First War of Independdence 1857

दोस्तों, 10 मई भारत के इतिहास का गौरवमयी संघर्ष का वो दिन है जब अंग्रेजों के खिलाफ 1857 के स्वाधीनता आंदोलन की शुरूआत हुई थी। यह राजा- रजवाड़ों के दिमाग की उपज नहीं, बल्कि तब साम्राज्यवादियों के खिलाफ़ भारतीय जनमानस की व्यापक एकता ने संघर्ष का बिगुल फूंका था। एक आज़ाद हिंदुस्तान और उसके जनवादी स्वरूप को गढ़ने के लिए पूरा देश उठ खड़ा हुआ था। Continue reading

जिन्ना की तस्वीर तो बहाना है सांप्रदायिक उन्माद फैलाना निशाना है

Jinnah & Savarkar

Jinnah & Savarkar

AMU में 1938 से लगी हुई मोहम्मद अली जिन्ना की एक तस्वीर को एकाएक हटाने की मांग करते हुए ‘हिंदू युवा वाहिनी’ नाम के एक गिरोह ने वहां के छात्रों पर हमला कर दिया। देखते-देखते भाजपा और हिन्दुत्ववादी ताकतों ने उस संस्थान पर हमला साध दिया और अकारण ही जिन्ना को विवाद का विषय बना दिया गया। Continue reading

UGC : Arbitrary Move to Remove 4000 Journals from UGC Approved List

Universty Grants Commission

In a shockingly abrupt and arbitrary move, the UGC has very recently removed 4305 Journals from the current UGC Approved List of Journals. Articles published in UGC-approved List of Journals are considered for the purpose of Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) and Direct Recruitment of Teachers and other academic staff as required under the UGC (Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges) Regulation, 2016.

• The UGC website claims that it follows detailed checklist criteria to prepare the UGC – approved list of Journals. On the other hand, while withdrawing more than 4000 journals the UGC asserted that the deletion is on the basis of “poor quality”, “false claims” by journals etc. So if the “checklist” is followed, what are these so-called thousands of substandard quality journals or journals with fake claims were doing in the list to begin with?

• Secondly, the most important criterion for rejection is whether the journal has a website which provides full postal or email addresses of Chief Editor and Editors. Several journals were rejected on this flimsy ground. Why is the UGC more interested in the technicality of journal website than the journal’s academic rigour?

• Most importantly, several scholars have already published in these journals as this list was there on the UGC website for more than one year. Because now the journals were removed, these publications will carry no value. Why would the research scholars and faculty members pay the price for UGC’s whims and fancies?
Imposition of arbitrary moves in the sphere of higher education has become a hallmark of the current BJP Government. The Government has time and again used the UGC as a tool to destroy research and serious academic environment of the country – through blatant attempts to discontinue Non NET fellowship and scuttle biannual NET examination, imposition of 5th May 2016 UGC Notification resulting into massive M.Phil/ PhD seat cuts and decimation of policies of social justice, department wise vacancy roaster to demolish reservations in faculty positions etc. The recent step of abrupt removal of journals came in the long spate of sudden irresponsible moves by the Modi Government that threatens the future of thousands of us. AISA appeals the student community to thoroughly reject the dictatorial anti-academic farmaans of the present govt one after another.

Petition to Prakash Javdekar demanding withdrawal of ‘Autonomy’ and anti student policies

AISA poster against autonomy and cutting funds


Shri Prakash Javdekar,

Minister of Human Resource Development,

Government of India

Sub: Demanding Withdrawal of Notifications for Granting Autonomy and 70-30 % Funding to Colleges, Universities and Other Higher Education Institutions

Javdekar Ji,

We are writing to you to demand roll back of recent policies and notifications that are designed to finish off all opportunities of higher education for the vast majority of students of the country. Continue reading

How to Kill Reservation in Job Opportunities of Universities?: The BJP Model


Few days back, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU) has advertised for recruitment of faculty positions. But bizarrely, out 52 teaching posts in 27 different departments of the university, only 1 post is for the reserved category candidates.( Indian Express,14th April,2018) This is a sheer and brazen violation of the constitutionally mandated reservation policies. Ironically, the website of IGNTU declares that the university was visualized: “To provide avenues of education, especially higher education and research facilities primarily for the tribal population of India” and “To disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities in tribal art, tradition, culture, language, medicinal systems, customs, forest based economic activities, flora, fauna and advancement in technologies relating to the natural resources of the tribal areas.” In a similar brazen fashion, for Central University of Tamil Nadu (CUTN), out of total 65 seats, only 2 seats are reserved for OBC category candidates and none for SC and ST category candidates!

But the IGNTU and CUTN fiascos are no aberration. Recently, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to make a department-wise roster of teacher vacancies reserved for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates, instead of the earlier norm of reservations based on aggregate posts of the entire university. This retrograde step surely reduces the number of posts for reserved category candidates significantly. The brazen violation of reservation in IGNTU and CUTN faculty position advertisements is only a logical outcome of anti-social justice policies of the ruling regime.

The BJP Government is systematically destroying the educational, job and other opportunities for the marginalized of the country. Today, over 51 lakh Dalit students and over 20 lakh Adivasi students across the country are facing massive crisis due to pending fund of more than Rs 8000 crore and Rs 3,156 crore to SC and ST students’ Post Matric scholarship by the Modi government to the state governments over the last three consecutive years (The Newslaundry, Feb 17, 2018). At the level of higher education, the 5 May UGC Notification 2016, has meant massive seat cuts and consequent decimation of reservation in M. Phil-PhD courses across universities. And now in 2018, through yet another UGC notification on ‘Autonomy’, the govt has unleashed policies which will result into destruction of reservation in both student enrollment and faculty recruitment in leading universities of the country.

This Government desperately wants to make all educational and employment opportunities inaccessible for the majority of the student – youths of the country, especially for those from marginalized sections. On behalf of AISA, we strongly demand that the IGNTU and CUTN must re –advertise the teaching posts with constitutionally mandated reservation policies. We also appeal to the student community to expose, resist and rebuff this dangerous saffron design of killing all provisions of social justice in our campuses.

Indira Gandhi National Tribal University : ONLY 1 Post for Reserved Category

Photo Courtesy : DailyHunt

Few days back, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University (IGNTU) has advertised for recruitment of faculty positions. But bizarrely, out 52 teaching posts in 27 different departments of the university, only 1 post is for the reserved category candidates. This is a sheer and brazen violation of the constitutionally mandated reservation policies. Ironically, the website of IGNTU declares that the university was visualized: “To provide avenues of education, especially higher education and research facilities primarily for the tribal population of India” and “To disseminate and advance knowledge by providing instructional and research facilities in tribal art, tradition, culture, language, medicinal systems, customs, forest based economic activities, flora, fauna and advancement in technologies relating to the natural resources of the tribal areas.” Continue reading

Kathua to Unnao : From Beti Bachao to Balatkari Bachao

Protest against shielding of rapists in Kathua and Unnao ( Pic Courtesy: The Hindu)

Two gruesome incidents of rape have shocked the nation; not just for the horrific nature of the crime, but also for the ruling party, the BJP trying to shield the accused, with its sitting ministers even going on to support bandhs and rallies against arresting of the rape accused. Let us not forget the slogan with which this BJP government came to power in 2014 – bahut hua naari par vaar, abki baar Modi Sarkar. The PM, known to tweet on every issue, hasn’t thought that rape of two women in the BJP ruled states and the shielding of the accused by his party as even an issue to give out a statement. The betis of the nation are under threat from the ruling party. Continue reading

Autonomy to Universities : Final blow to affordable education

Pic Courtesy : https://scroll.in/

On 20th March 2018, Minister of Human Resource Development, Prakash Javadekar, held a press conference declaring 62 Universities and 8 colleges (including 5 Central universities like JNU, BHU, HCU etc) autonomous. He said, “Today is a historic day for higher education in India. These quality institutions will get complete autonomy by which they can start new courses….” What he did NOT divulge in the press conference is that these institutions can only start new courses “provided no demand of fund is made from the government” (12 February 2018, Gazette Notification) for the same. This essentially proves that the much-trumpeted ‘autonomy’ is nothing but freedom to the govt. from the responsibility of funding premier institutions and a free hand to the administrations of these institutions to start self-finance courses and increase students’ fees recklessly.

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“स्वायत्तता” की घोषणा का यह दिन उच्च शिक्षा के लिए सबसे काला दिन है!

Photo Courtesy : V Lenin Kumar

शैक्षिक संस्थानों के लिए स्वायत्तता की प्रकाश जावड़ेकर की घोषणा : सस्ती उच्च शिक्षा को ध्वस्त करने का निर्णायक पैंतरा!

मिस्टर जावड़ेकर, “स्वायत्तता” की घोषणा का यह दिन ऐतिहासिक नहीं बल्कि भारत की उच्च शिक्षा के लिए सबसे काला दिन है!

20 मार्च 2018 के दिन, मानव संसाधन एवं विकास मंत्री प्रकाश जावड़ेकर ने एक प्रेस वार्ता आयोजित कर 62 विश्वविद्यालयों और 8 कॉलेजों (जिन में जेएनयू, बीएचयू और एचसीयू सहित पाँच केन्द्रीय विश्वविद्यालय शामिल हैं) को स्वायत्तता देने की घोषणा कर दी। उन्होंने कहा, “ आज का दिन भारतीय उच्च शिक्षा के लिए ऐतिहासिक है। इन बेहतरीन संस्थानों को पूर्ण स्वायत्तता मिलेगी जिससे कि वे नए पाठ्यक्रम भी शुरु कर सकेंगे…” Continue reading

Support Bharat Bandh against dilution of SC/ST Act

Support Bharat Bandh Against the Dangerous Dilutions in the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act by the Two-Judge Bench of the Supreme Court!

Pic Courtesy- Shankar Narayan/HT

Union Govt Must File Review Petition!

Fight Back Patronage and Impunity to Casteist Violence and Discrimination!

In a shocking judgment on 20th March, a two-judge bench of the Supreme Court, comprising justice U.U. Lait and D. K. Goyel,  has observed that the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 which protects the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes from casteist discrimination, has become an instrument to “blackmail” public servants. Continue reading

CBSE paper leak : Not an aberration but long process of corruption

Paper Leak Hat Trick: NEET (May 2017), SSC (Feb 2018), And Now CBSE X & XII!

Pic Courtsy : PTI http://www.ptinews.com/

Vyapam Scam of Madhya Pradesh Multiplied In National Scale! And It’s Gujarat Cadre IAS At the Helm of Both SSC and CBSE Mired in Paper Leak!


Every year, lakhs of students across the country put their extreme hard works for the board examinations. In a shocking development yesterday, the question papers of CBSE examinations were leaked on WhatsApp and social media hours before the paper commenced. A senior CBSE official had first denied any leak after reports had emerged of the same. But later, CBSE backtracked to announce that two exam papers (Class X Mathematics and Class XII Economics) had been leaked and that a retest was being ordered.

The CBSE paper leak is no aberration. Few days back, we have witnessed shocking paper leak and scam in the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) examination. The SSC directly comes under the central government, but it has refused to address the concerns of SSC examines and instead offered false assurances, harassed and threatened them. In case of CBSE paper leak, it is also clearly a long process of corruption with the Government patronage.

  • The Modi Government kept the post of CBSE Chairperson vacant for over one and half years till July 2016. Is not this a highly irresponsible act to keep the highest post vacant of an organization which decides the future of lakhs of students of the county every year?
  • In July 2016, Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi was appointed as the Chairperson of the CBSE for a five year term. But just one year after Chaturvedi’s appointment, the BJP Government arbitrarily removed him and appointed Anita Karwal as the Chairperson of the CBSE. Interestingly, Anita Karwal, like the SSC chairperson Ashim Khurana is Gujarat cadre with close connections to the ruling party. Is it not a clear ploy by the current Government to destroy educational institutions of the country through political appointments in every important Government post?
  • According to the media reports, the CBSE Chairperson received a copy of the leaked class X Mathematics paper day before the examination. She could have cancelled the paper before the exam which she didn’t. Didn’t it show that the CBSE tried its best to sweep the entire issue of paper leak under carpet?
  • There are also reports of gross anomalies in evaluation in class XII papers in 2017. Why the Government didn’t take any steps then?

Few days back, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi jumped to advise school-going children on the subject of exam preparation and clearing their Board exams during the launch of his book Exam Warrior. Mr. Modi, students will always work hard for the examinations. But what happens to their hard work when your corrupt system fails them miserably? We don’t need to tips to crack exams and this Government must need to take immediate steps to address the massive corruptions and scams in examinations and recruitment process.

The BJP Government is implementing the Vyapam Model in board and recruitment examination scams, where vested interests are working within Government bodies.  Until those responsible in paper leak and corruption, from within the Government bodies and others are punished – a fair evaluation in any future board and recruitment exams cannot be guaranteed. Thus, merely conducting re-examinations will not address the issue at hand. We demand the immediate resignation of the CBSE Chairperson and the MHRD Minister, who have miserably failed to be accountable and a through, independent probe in the CBSE paper leak and corruption.

Resist the Transgender Persons (Protection Of Rights) Bill 2016

Protest the Retrograde and Draconian Transgender Persons (Protection Of Rights) Bill 2016, Which Is A Direct Threat to the Rights and Dignity of Trans-gender Persons!

Resist the Bill In Its Present Form! Stand Against the Violation of Transgender Rights!

Photo Courtesy-Hindustan Times

The trans and queer communities have led an inspiring struggle against discrimination and social injustice to demand equality, legal rights and opportunities for education and livelihood. The struggle still continues as the government threatens to introduce a deeply problematic Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2016 in the Parliament in the ongoing winter session. The bill in its current form brazenly ignores many critical recommendations and suggestions made by various trans activists and collectives threatening to marginalize further a community vulnerable to naming and shaming, homelessness, violence and police brutality. Continue reading

16 Dec: Keeping the Flame Alive

Fight Patriarchy! End Gender Violence!

Stop Victim Blaming and Rape Culture!

Defend Women’s Right to Choice and Freedom!

Defend the Rights and Dignity of LGBTIQ People!

Resist Communal, Casteist and Racist Assaults on Women!

Make Streets and Public Transport Safe for Women!

Withdraw the Proposed Retrograde Transgender Bill!




#FreedomWithoutFear Continue reading

Condemn US President Trump’s Declaration of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel

Jerusalem City

US President Trump’s declaration that his administration recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and plans to shift the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a bid to confer legitimacy on Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine. This decision has rightly received condemnation from around the world, including from several member countries of the United Nations Security Council who condemned the decision at an emergency meeting of the UNSC.      Continue reading

Condemn the brutal killing of Mohammad Afrazul

Mohammad Afrazul, a Daily Wager from West Bengal Brutally Hacked and Burnt alive by Goons in Rajsamand, Rajasthan!

Communal Goons on a Killing Spree in the BJP Ruled State! CM Vasundhara Raje and Rajasthan Home Minister Must Resign NOW!

Stop Communal Madness and Hatemongering and State Impunity to Killers!

In a horrific incident of communal lynching, Mohammad Afrazul, a daily wager from West Bengal was brutally hacked and burnt alive by communal goons in Rajsamand – around five hours from state capital Jaipur. Continue reading

BHU Question Papers to Sanghi Appointments, Seat Cuts and Censorship Across Campuses

BHU Question Papers to Sanghi Appointments, Seat Cuts and Censorship Across Campuses:

Sanghi VCs and ‘Bhakt’ Teachers Are Out to Destroy Serious Scholarship and Turn Central Universities a Matter of Ridicule!

Recently, the M.A, Political Science exam paper of BHU included the questions:

  • Write an essay on the nature of GST in Kautilya’s Arthashastra.
  • Manu is the first Indian thinker of globalization. Discuss.

Saffron Sanskari Shiksha: Question Paper – and Answers – Dictated In Advance!

According to students, their teacher “dictated the answers” to the questions beforehand, telling them in advance that these questions would be asked in the exam! Quite apart from the ridiculousness of the questions, can any serious exam paper have questions and answers dictated by the teacher in advance! Note: While students at BHU taught by the paper-setter had the privilege to these questions in advance, students of the affiliated colleges affiliated to BHU simply received a nasty surprise on the day of the exam! So much for saffron “sanskars”! Continue reading

Speak Out Against Large Scale Evictions, Communal Conspiracies in Assam

The anti-people, anti-poor policies and activities of the BJP led Sarbananda Sonowal govt in Assam has once again been reflected in the eviction of more than 500 families in the area around the Amchang wildlife sanctuary. This harrowing atrocity left people in open amidst chilling winter, even the schools have not been spared by bulldozers. It is the time for annual exams in schools and this destruction has caused the loss of a complete year for the kids. This eviction too is done by misusing a high Court order for protecting the forest area as has happened in other parts of the country, this incidence leaves several questions unanswered. Continue reading

Kisan Mukti Sansad witnessed huge participation

Pic Courtesy – Outlook

Just ten days back from today, New Delhi’s Parliament Street was reverberated with the thunderous roar of lakhs of workers from all over the country, demanding their rights. Their slogans and voices resonated loud and clear. India’s working class, in one voice, spoke for the whole country as they demanded curbs on price rise and universalisation of the public distribution system and creation of jobs. Their presence in lakhs at this protest ‘Mahapadav’ (grand sit-in) at Parliament Street was an indictment of the Modi Government and its utter betrayal of the labouring people of India.

Now, on 20-21 November, farmers from all over the country  gathered at Delhi in a historic Kisan Mukti Sansad (Farmers’ Liberation Parliament). We are all witness to how in the past two years farmers brutalized by the twin burden of falling prices in the face of rising costs and mounting debts, have erupted in protests braving bullets and repression in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and several other states. Two of their key demands are: better prices for produce and debt relief.  Continue reading

‘Gau Rakshak’ Goons on a Killing Spree Again

AISA condemns, in the strongest possible terms, the heinous murder of Umar Mohammed by the ‘Gau Rakshak’ goons on 10 November near Pahadi Kaman in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. Cow vigilantes brutally killed Umar and then threw his body on the railway tracks to make it look like an ‘accident’. To top it all, in what has now seemingly become ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ in BJP-administered states, the government is busy criminalizing the victims and Muslims, rather than punishing murderers. Continue reading

Demonetisation, GST & Bank Recapitalisation

Pauperising the masses and pampering the big corporates – this in a nutshell is the unfolding economic agenda of the Modi regime. We have witnessed this in the recent policy level assaults on Indian economy and democracy – through the triple trauma of demonetization, Goods and Services Tax (GST) and bank recapitalization to cover up bad loans. Continue reading

What has demonetization really done?

The “OFFICIAL” figures speak for themselves

pic courtesy – Hindustan times

  1. RETURN of 99% of the notes withdrawn implying that either there was very little “black money” in cash or whatever was there had been WHITENED!
  2. ALL so-called justifications of demonetization have FAILED FAKE currency is STILL around. A miniscule amount of fake notes was confiscated.
  3. “Terror funding” (as claimed by the government) certainly did not end.
  4. Indian economy has NOT become “cashless”!
  5. CRASH of the economy: India lost its fastest-growing major economy tag compared with China’s 6.9% in the same period.
  6.  GDP growth rate FELL from 7% (in Jan-Mar 2016) TO 6.1% (in Jan-Mar 2017) and further to 5.7% in Apr-Jun 2017.
  7.  Industrial STAGNATION: GVA (Gross Value Added) has consistently been falling, from 7.6% in the beginning of the year, to just 5.6% currently.
  8. Manufacturing GDP has FALLEN to merely 1.2%. Small and Medium Sectors have been severely hit.
  9. Massive FALL in the off-take of bank credit:
  10.  Non-food bank credit increased by 5.5 per cent in August 2017 compared to 8.2 per cent increase in August 2016.
  11. Credit to agriculture and allied activities increased by 6.5 per cent in August 2017, compared to 13.6 per cent increase in August 2016.
  12.  Credit to industry contracted by 0.3 per cent in August 2017 as compared with a contraction of 0.2 per cent in August 2016.
  13. Credit to the services sector increased by 5.0 per cent in August 2017, much lower than the increase of 12.1 per cent in August 2016.
  14. Personal loans increased by 15.7 per cent in August 2017, lower than the increase of 18.1 per cent in August 2016.
  15. MASSIVE fall in employment: CMIE has calculated 15 million job loss during the post-demonitisation first four months of 2017! Formal employment has declined from 928.7 lakh in Jan-April 2016 to 861.2 lakh in Jan-April 2017.
  16. Feku and Farcical Claims on the number of NEW taxpayers post-demonetization: MYTH of increased TAX RETURNS due to demonetization: The government has been on a PR overdrive this year, claiming all kinds of numbers at will:

Continue reading

Workers of India to hold massive sit-in at Parliament Street

Defeating All Attempts of Communal Polarisation, Workers Resolve to

Fight Back the Pro-Corporate, Anti-Poor, Anti-Worker Regime of Loot!


This November shall witness one of the largest working class mobilisations against the Modi government’s anti worker, anti-poor policies in the capital. Ten Central Trade Unions and Federations of Defence, Banking, Insurance, Telecom, Roadways, PSUs, State & Central Government Employees have come together to defy the diktats of the anti-people BJP government and organize a three days continuous dharna in front of the Parliament on 9th, 10th and 11th November, 2017. Continue reading

150 Years of Marx’s Capital

150 years back, Karl Marx’s Magnum Opus Das Kapital (Volume I) rolled out of the press on September, 1867. The publication signified nothing short of a silent revolution on the theoretical plane, and the world would never be the same again. Capital soon became the most discussed and debated work. The Russian edition, the first translation of Capital into any foreign language, came out in 1872 in an edition of 3,000 copies, and almost the whole edition was sold out. Forty five years later, as we know, the proletariat in that country would be the first in the world to successfully apply the lessons of Capital in practice. Continue reading

Aadhar, Hunger Deaths and the Political Economy of Our Times

Few days back, the entire nation was shocked by the stunning news of a young girl, Santoshi Kumari in Simdega district of Jharkhand, dying of starvation after being denied food for not having Aadhaar-linked ration card. Shockingly, Santoshi died after starving for eight days and as she was dying, she kept asking bhat bhat (for rice) her mother. Santoshi’s family had not received any rice from the public distribution system for several months before this horrifying death, as their ration card had not been electronically linked with Aadhaar number. Continue reading

Education Not Hate! Jobs NOT Mobs!


7 November-21 November

(Chandigarh to Kolkata)


Friends, the BJP government led by Narendra Modi has completed more than 3 years of its term. But this government which came to power on the promise of ‘Achhe Din’ has actually achieved a record in job cuts on the one hand and spate of assaults on higher education on the other. At an election rally in November 2013 the then aspiring Prime Minister Narendra Modi had declared that ‘if the BJP comes to power we will generate 1 crore new jobs every year’. But the ground reality today is exactly the opposite. Today we have gone from a situation of job-less ‘growth to job-loss growth. Continue reading

छात्र-युवा अधिकार यात्रा : चंडीगढ़ से कोलकाता

नफ़रत नहीं अधिकार चाहिए

शिक्षा और रोज़गार चाहिए

दोस्तों नरेन्द्र मोदी के नेतृत्व वाली मौजूदा भाजपा सरकार ने 3 साल से अधिक का अपना कार्यकाल पूरा कर लिया है। लेकिन अच्छे दिनों का वादा करनेवाली इस सरकार ने एक ओर तो रोजगार कटौती में रिकॉर्ड कायम कर दिया तो दूसरी ओर इसने उच्च शिक्षा पर चौतरफा हमला कर दिया। Continue reading

Modi’s Birthday Celebration and Inauguration of Sardar Sarovar dam

Modi, in an imperial style, will be in Gujarat tomorrow 17 Sep inaugurating the Sardar Sarovar dam on his birthday. And as he does this, he is signing a warrant for utter devastation drowning more than 40000 families living in the submergence area of Sardar Sarovar Dam in Madhya Pradesh. Also, the water being released from other dams to fill the Sardar Sarovar is resulting drowning of thousands of families, houses, bridges, cattles, trees and large tracts of forest and prime agricultural land. Nothing could be more shameful than the sight of an elected Prime Minister forcing a celebration of his birthday on the edifice of destruction of lives and livelihoods of our people. Continue reading

Stop Genocide Of Rohingya Muslims

Migrants, who were found at sea on a boat, collect rainwater during a heavy rain fall at a temporary refugee camp near Kanyin Chaung jetty, outside Maungdaw township, northern Rakhine state, Myanmar June 4, 2015.
REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

The Rohingya people of Myanmar are facing a genocide and ethnic cleansing at the hands of the Myanmar Army. The Rohingya (the majority of whom are Muslim) have lived in the Rakhine State (Arakan) in Myanmar for the past several centuries. But a racist Citizenship Law enacted by Myanmar in 1982 denies the Rohingya people citizenship by refusing to recognise the Rohingya as one of the “national races.” The Rohingya have been subjected to several rounds of genocidal violence that have forced them to flee to Bangladesh and India. Continue reading

Sangh Ideology Is The BJP’s ‘Core Ideology’ – Not India’s

pic courtesy : Indian Express

RSS ideologue and BJP national general secretary Ram Madhav, in a piece titled “Coming full circle at 70” in the Indian Express on Independence Day(15 Aug 2017), argued that for the first time in 70 years, India’s rulers are in tune with the “core ideology” of India’s people. His piece argued that “Jawaharlal Nehru represented the colonisers’ view, while Gandhi became the voice of native wisdom” and emphasis on “village life in India” and that the Modi Government finally reflects Gandhi’s views rather than Nehru’s. The piece claimed that “The crucial formative years after independence were thus dominated by a western liberal discourse that had very little Indian content,” and that “for the first time in 70 years, the idea with a reference point in India’s genius has become the dominant idea under Prime Minister Modi. Just as Nehru never shied away from exhibiting his fascination for western ideas, Modi is ever ready to wear quintessential Indian ideas on his sleeve.” The piece concluded “The liberal unease is palpable. Their plight is best described by Edward Luce in his book through a less-used Greek word demophobia — fear of the mob. The mob, humble people of the country, are behind Modi. They are finally at ease with a government that looks and sounds familiar. They are enjoying it.” Continue reading

Resist Government Policies That Pamper Corporates, Cut Funds And Seats in Universities

pic courtesy : DNA

The Government claims to lack funds for education. Is that true?

JNU, well known for its inclusive character and academic excellence, sustains itself with government funding of about Rs 170 crores per year. In the year 2016-17, government sops to super-rich corporates, through exemptions in corporate tax were to the tune of Rs 83,492 crores. Had the Government made corporates pay their taxes, the amount could have funded 491 affordable and good quality Universities like JNU! Continue reading

Landmark Judgement Thwarts Move to Violate Fundamental Right to Privacy

pic courtesy : The Wire

It is ordinary citizens from all over the country whose determined challenge to the Central Government’s efforts to violate privacy and demand revelation of data under Aadhaar that led to the landmark Supreme Court judgement upholding right to privacy as a fundamental right.

The Government of India as well as various BJP ruled states argued in Court that citizens do not enjoy a right to privacy; that the poor do not need privacy; that citizens do not have a right over their own bodies; that the Constitution made no mention of privacy.

The Supreme Court verdict demolished these arguments and upheld the right to privacy as a fundamental right. It affirmed that the right to privacy is not “granted” by the Constitution; rather every person is born with this right which the Constitution recognizes and affirms.

In response to the Central government’s argument that privacy is an “elitist construct”, the verdict responded: “Every individual in society irrespective of social class or economic status is entitled to the intimacy and autonomy which privacy protects. The refrain that the poor need no civil and political rights and are concerned only with economic well-being has been utilised though history to wreak the most egregious violations of human rights.”

The verdict made it very clear that the right to privacy is the citizen’s protection against the State’s authoritarianism: “Fundamental rights are the only constitutional firewall to prevent State’s interference with those core freedoms constituting liberty of a human being. The right to privacy is certainly one of the core freedoms which is to be defended.”  

After the verdict, the usually talkative BJP leadership went silent; and then, even as Modi remained silent on it, BJP leaders like Ravishankar Prasad began to claim – contrary to govt.’s own written submissions and arguments in the court- that they had always stood for right to privacy! At the same time, former Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi who argued against right to privacy in Court, have gone to the extent of suggesting that the verdict can also be seen as a case of “judicial overreach”!

The BJP Government, in response to citizens who opposed Aadhaar, said that data mining under Aadhaar was valid since the right to privacy was not a fundamental right. Now that the right to privacy has been upheld as a fundamental right, BJP leaders are all trying to claim that since fundamental rights are subject to reasonable restrictions, right to privacy too is “not absolute” and is subject to restrictions!

This remarkable and historic verdict has many aspects that give fresh meaning and relevance to the Constitution. One of its most significant aspects is that it reviewed and corrected the Supreme Court’s own flawed judgments – upholding the Emergency and upholding Section 377 that criminalises LGBT persons.

The verdict affirms, “Discrimination against an individual on the basis of sexual orientation is deeply offensive to the dignity and self-worth of the individual.”

The verdict also affirms, “I do not think that anybody would like to be told by the State as to what they should eat or how they should dress or whom they should be associated with either in their personal, social or political life.”

This has a direct bearing on the Constitutionality of laws under which BJP Governments have been justifying the raiding of private homes to search for beef; and attempts to ban the consumption of beef or slaughter of animals.  Earlier, the Bombay High Court gave a verdict striking down sections 5(d) and 9(b) of the Maharashtra Animals Preservation (Amendment) Act, 1995, which criminalised and imposed punishment on persons found in possession of beef of animals, slaughtered in or outside the state, on the ground that it infringed upon a person’s “right to privacy”. The Maharashtra Government has challenged this in the Supreme Court arguing that right to privacy is not a fundamental right. Now after the latest SC verdict, this claim stands demolished.

In upholding the right to privacy, the verdict also safeguards the right to dissent and diversity: an immensely significant thing at a time when the BJP Government is seeking to brand every opinion, every practice, every taste that is not in tune with the “majority” view to be anti-national and criminal. The verdict makes it very clear that the Constitution safeguards the right of citizens to hold their own views and opinion and sexual, cultural, and dietary practices even if the majority does not approve of them. The verdict is a reminder that democracy is not about the rule of the majoritarian mob but about the securing of the rights of minorities and dissenters.   

The implications of the verdict for Aadhaar are huge. No longer can the Government sustain its right to indiscriminately and mandatorily demand the revelation of data as a precondition to access their wages, their rations, their pensions. Just as the Emergency sought to take away the right to privacy and place citizens’ lives under state surveillance, so does Aadhaar – and the SC verdict has now put a spanner in those works. The Government can no longer justify giving citizens’ private data into the control of foreign and corporate companies. It can no longer justify extracting and using citizens’ private data for the purpose of surveillance and snooping.

Aadhaar is not – as the Government claims – simply a benign use of techonology to facilitate welfare measures. Surveillance technology is intimately linked with fascist and totalitarian projects. Can we forget that during Hitler’s rule, the IBM corporation created machines that served to identify and track Jewish populations across Europe, so that they could be ghettoized, and later transported to concentration camps?

See More : Salute The Courage Of The Rape Complainants against Ram Rahim

Salute The Courage Of The Rape Complainants against Ram Rahim

Salute the courage of the two women who filed and pursued the complaint of rape against all powerful Gurmeet Ram Rahim, defying intimidation and death threats. It is their bravery we must thank for the conviction of Ram Rahim for rape in a CBI Court yesterday.

What we cannot forget or forgive is the manner in which the rape-accused Ram Rahim and his Dera continued to get patronage from political powers and Governments.

Ram Rahim was accused of raping two women. The CBI had chargesheeted him. He had arranged the murder of a journalist who reported the rapes. Yet, political parties had no shame in seeking his electoral support – and giving him government funds and patronage in return!

Ram Rahim enjoyed a political relationship with INLD and Congress. In the past several years, he shifted his loyalties to the BJP.

During last few days, why did the BJP Government of Haryana allow lakhs of Ram Rahim supporters to gather and riot in Panchkula? Why did Haryana police “forget to invoke” Section 144?

The answers are clear:

  • Top BJP leaders – including Kailash Vijayvargeeya, National General Secretary of the BJP; Manoharlal  Khattar, the Haryana CM; and the PM Narendra Modi – sought and received electoral support from the rape-accused Ram Rahim.
  • 19 of the 47 BJP MLAs including Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala went to pay tributes to Ram Rahim and thank him for his support in the 2014 Assembly Elections
  • At least 3 senior BJP ministers in Haryana – Ram Bilas Sharma, Anil Vij and Grover – have together gifted the Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Rs 1.12 crore!
  • BJP Minister Ram Bilas Sharma who helped fund Ram Rahim, said during the riots that “Section 144 imposed in Panchkula did not apply to Dera supporters”!
  • BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj, in a blatant display of rape culture, said: “One person has complained of rape against Ram Rahim. Crores others believe he is God. Who do you think is right?”
  • BJP MP Subramaniam Swamy tweeted, after the Court ordered the Dera’s properties to be attached to pay for vandalisation: “A new threat to Sadhus: Politicians & ashramites wanting to grab Ashram wealth by sending the Swamijis to jail. Sadhus must groom successors “
  • I&B Minister Smriti Irani sought to gag the media covering the riots and in fact blame the media coverage for the riots by Ram Rahim supporters by tweeting: “Drawing attention of News Channels to Clause B of Fundamental Std. of NBSA refraining channels from causing panic, distress & undue fear.”

Today, BJP leaders justify their support by saying a) Ram Rahim was just accused of rape, not convicted and b) they were giving him funds and taking his support because the “Dera does good social work”. Such arguments actually help normalise rape and murder.

Asaram and Ram Rahim were accused of rape of women in their Ashram/Dera custody; and of murdering people to cover up their rapes. Ram Rahim has finally been convicted of rape, and his murder trial is on. BJP leaders like Subramaniam Swamy – with their open support for Asaram and Ram Rahim – are seeking to normalise and trivialise rape and murder.

Sakshi Maharaj of course is suggesting that rape complaints should not be decided by Courts but should be a popularity contest – those rapists who enjoy popular support must be acquitted!


Those political leaders like Modi, Khattar, scores of Haryana BJP leaders who flaunted their closeness to a man accused of rape and murder; Sakshi and Swamy who are openly defending the rapist even after his conviction; and Smriti Irani who is seeking to blame media rather that the BJP Government for the rioting – owe an answer to the people of India.  

In 2012, we held the Congress Governments at Delhi and the Centre responsible for a rape and murder.

In 2017, shouldn’t the BJP Governments at Haryana and the Centre be held accountable for publicly supporting a rapist and, after his conviction, allowing his supporters to run riot and besiege two states and parts of Delhi?   

Should they not resign?

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Fighting Patriarchy: Interrogating ‘Commonsense’, Social Structures, Politics

  • A woman is stalked in Chandigarh – BJP Union Minister Babul Supriyo tweets that it is just ‘boy chases girl’ that happens in both reel and real life( TV 18, Aug 9,2017)! The Haryana BJP state Vice-president Ramveer Bhatti asks why the woman’s father allowed his daughter out at night.
  • Few days back, a group of students from JNU and DU were brutally assaulted and a female student in the same group was violently sexually assaulted by a mob in Surajkund. When they went to file complaint at the Surajkund Police Station, the police not only refused to do so but threatened them. The woman student was insulted and intimidated with comments like “Yeh free sex ka culture jail mein karwatey hai” (we’ll show you how to indulge in free sex in jail), “Tera kapda cheena huwa hai ya itna hi hai” (“Is your dress torn or is it deliberately this short?”). It is only after courageous intervention by the students and the JNUSU and timely media reports that FIR has now been filed and some action initiated against the guilty policemen (The Hindu, 18 Aug 2017).
  • Kerala HC and Supreme Court pass orders for an NIA probe into a case of a Hindu woman converting to Islam and marrying a Muslim, declaring that a 24-year-old Indian woman must still be in the custody of her father for her own good.
  • Meanwhile, there is no probe ordered into the copious evidence of organised violence by saffron brigade outfits against Hindu women who love and marry outside religion.(Operation Juliet: Busting The Bogey Of “Love Jihad”, Cobrapost, 1 July 2016)
  • BJP’s UP CM and Sangh poster boy Yogi Adityanath, in an article on ‘Matrshakti,’ repeated the Manusmriti norm that women must always be under the control of the father, husband or son, Further he quoted scriptures to write “uncontrolled, free women who acquire man-like qualities become devilish” (Navbharat Times, 20 March, 2017)!
  • In BHU, a Sanghi VC upholds rules that prevent women students in hostels from eating meat or having mobile phones or an internet connection in their rooms. In hostels across the country, women students are subject to restrictions that men students do not face.
  • The BJP election Manifesto in 2014 said that ‘factories should be run like a Family’; the RSS chief says that they are ‘familyist not feminist’.
  • The RSS women’s wing rationalises domestic violence saying: “Don’t parents admonish their children for misbehaviour? Just as a child must adjust to his/her parents, so must a wife act keeping in mind her husband’s moods and must avoid irritating him.” (Neha Dixit, “Holier than Cow” The Outlook, 28 Jan 2013)

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Remembering Comrade Chandrashekhar in today’s JNU

Our coming generations will ask us for an answer, they will ask us, where were you when new social forces were being unleashed, where were you when people who live and die every moment, every day strived for their rights, where were you when there was an assertion of the marginalized voices of the society. They will seek an answer from all of us…

– Comrade Chandrashekhar

Comrade Chandrashekhar, two times JNUSU President, sought these answers through struggles. The struggles that made JNU as one of the most inclusive universities in the country. The struggles that stand tall in their commitment to the future generations and marginal voices. Continue reading

“Why Socialism?” by Albert Einstein

Is it advisable for one who is not an expert on economic and social issues to express views on the subject of socialism? I believe for a number of reasons that it is.

Let us first consider the question from the point of view of scientific knowledge. It might appear that there are no essential methodological differences between astronomy and economics: scientists in both fields attempt to discover laws of general acceptability for a circumscribed group of phenomena in order to make the interconnection of these phenomena as clearly understandable as possible. But in reality such methodological differences do exist. The discovery of general laws in the field of economics is made difficult by the circumstance that observed economic phenomena are often affected by many factors which are very hard to evaluate separately. In addition, the experience which has accumulated since the beginning of the so-called civilized period of human history has—as is well known—been largely influenced and limited by causes which are by no means exclusively economic in nature. For example, most of the major states of history owed their existence to conquest. The conquering peoples established themselves, legally and economically, as the privileged class of the conquered country. They seized for themselves a monopoly of the land ownership and appointed a priesthood from among their own ranks. The priests, in control of education, made the class division of society into a permanent institution and created a system of values by which the people were thenceforth, to a large extent unconsciously, guided in their social behavior. Continue reading

Nationalism Vs Communal Fascism in India

Pic courtesy : PTI

Nationalism holds great significance and reverence in the minds of people of a country like India, which has a recent history of great sacrifices in the
struggle against colonial rulers. Like a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing, RSS
and BJP dress up communal fascism as ‘nationalism’ to make fascism seem
respectable; and also to divert attention from their blatant betrayal of India’s own interests both during the freedom struggle and now.
During the freedom struggle, RSS and Savarkar advocated a ‘Hindu nation’,
hatred for minorities, praise for Hitler’s model of nation, and at the same time displayed contempt for the anti-colonial freedom fighters and martyrs. RSS had contempt for the Indian Constitution and the Indian tricolor flag. And today, the BJP Government betrays the interests of Indian citizens by
appeasing MNCs and imposing policies dictated by WTO, IMF, and the US in education, FDI in retail, nuclear liability, pharmaceutical pricing and patents as well as weakening hard won rights for the workers, poor and adivasis It is to hide this naked collaboration British colonialism then and
corporates &imperialists now, that the RSS-BJP-ABVP whip up the bogey
of ‘cultural nationalism’ so that the minorities are portrayed as ‘the enemy of the nation’ rather than the corporate and imperialist forces of the day. Continue reading

70th Independence Day : March Forward with a new Dream


On the eve of India’s 70th Independence Day, the deaths of more than 63 children in a Gorakhpur Government hospital offer a grim diagnosis of the state of health of our democracy and polity. Those children did not die in a ‘tragedy’ – their lives were literally choked off by deliberate, cold-blooded negligence by Governments both at the Centre and Uttar Pradesh. Continue reading

Protest Demonstration against Gorakhpur tragedy

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Protest demonstration was organised against the death of over 60 children in BRD hospital in Gorakhpur, constituency of the UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath. The oxygen supply was cut by the supplier since the dues were not paid by the hospital administration. As a result of this criminal negligence, over 60 new born lives were lost .

The protest demonstration was called by CPI(ML) Liberation, AISA, AICCTU and AIPWA at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi. The citizens and students of Delhi gathered to express their anger against this failing government and system. The demands of  resignation of Chief minister Yogi Adityanath and health minister Siddharth Nath Singh were raised. The overhauling of the government health sector by increased budget and developed infrastructure was the other demand.

See More : Public Meeting : War Tank in Universities

Victim Blaming in Chandigarh Case – An Alt News Report









Read the report here : Old, unrelated images used to build a fake narrative and shame the victim of Chandigarh stalking incident

Alt News report says : The strategy adopted here is similar to how a fake video was circulated by the Indian right-wing claiming that Gurmehar Kaur was drinking and having a merry time in a moving car. The idea is to character assassinate a woman by showing that she’s having a merry time as significant sections of the Indian society still look down upon women who drink. The idea is to portray that the woman lacks character and ‘deserves’ what she got.

And this mentality seems to pervade through the rank and file of the party in Haryana. The chief minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar, in his election campaign had said:

If they want freedom,why dont they just roam naked !

See More : Corruption and Corporate Takeover of Democracy

Corruption and Corporate Takeover of Democracy

Finance Bill 2017 Legalising Unlimited and Anonymous Corporate Funding for Political Parties!

Huge Bank Loan Write-Off for Defaulting Corporates!

Rising  Revenue Loss Due to Corporate Tax Exemptions!

Demonetisation Charade!

Mysterious Silence on Panama Papers!

GST Favouring Big Corporates, Decimating Small Producers & Traders!

The dominant and commonsensical understanding of corruption is often in terms of individuals benefiting from ‘bribe-giving’ and ‘bribe-taking’. But modern institutional corruption – flowing from a nexus of big capitalists and politicians/governments – has a much wider scope and graver implications than individual corruption. Continue reading

Tank in JNU :Modi Government waging War On India’s Universities


Student protesting in Tiananmen Square









The JNU Vice Chancellor, at a political event commemorating “Kargil Divas’, requested the two NDA Ministers present to procure decommissioned Army tank for the campus. He claimed that such a tank was needed to “inculcate love for the Army” among the students.On the same occasion, two of the speakers (former Army officers) congratulated the regime of the day for the “capture” of JNU and spoke of capturing other Universities next.

Continue reading

Sadak Par School witnessed huge participation of school students

AISA-RYA have been running Sadak Pe School campaign in different villages, mohallas and tolas in Bhojpur against the dilapidated condition of government schools which are the only destination for children of poor and marginalised. Continue reading

Condemn The Arrest of Documentary Filmmaker Divya Bharathi

The CPI(ML) and AISA condemns the arbitrary and illegal arrest of documentary filmmaker and CPI(ML) Liberation member Divya Bharathi by the Tamil Nadu police yesterday. Comrade Divya, whose most noted recent film was Kakkoos, a searing documentary about manual scavenging, was arrested for her participation in a student protest in 2009.
In 2009, as an AISA activist in Madurai, Divya had organized an agitation of Dalit hostel residents against the abysmal conditions of the hostels. The immediate context of the agitation was the death by snakebite of a student in one of the Dalit hostels. The police at the time filed a case against Divya and other agitating students. Continue reading

लोकतंत्र बचाओ रैली में लखनऊ पहुँचे सैंकड़ों युवा गिरफ्तार, जनदवाब में हुई रिहाई

उत्तर प्रदेश में तेज़ी से बढ़ती बलात्कार व लूट-मार की घटनाओं पर लगाम लगाने, दिनों-दिन बढ़ती सांप्रदायिक-जातीय हिंसा के दोषियों के खिलाफ सख्त कार्यवाही करने, भीम आर्मी के चीफ चंद्रशेखर आज़ाद को अविलंब रिहा करने, योगी आदित्यनाथ का विरोध करने वाले लखनऊ विश्वविद्यालय के विद्यार्थियों पर थोपे गए फर्ज़ी मुकदमे खारिज करने, शिक्षा का बजट कम करने के फैसले को वापस ले कर हर विद्यार्थी के लिए गुणवत्तायुक्त नि:शुल्क शिक्षा उपलब्ध करवाने तथा भर्तियों पर लगी रोक हटा कर हर बेरोजगार हेतु सम्मानजनक रोजगार उपलब्ध करवाने जैसी माँगों के साथ लखनऊ विश्वविद्यालय से विधानसभा तक मार्च निकालने के इरादे से यूपी के तमाम जिलों से जुटे आइसा और इंकलाबी नौजवान सभा से जुड़े सैंकड़ों छात्रों-नौजवानों से योगी सरकार इतना डर गई कि मार्च शुरु करते ही पुलिस ने सैंकड़ों कार्यकर्ताओं को गिरफ्तार कर लिया, जहाँ से उन्हें बसों में बैठा कर पुलिस लाइन ले जाया गया।

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AISA launches campaign against saffron policy offensive on education

With a call to Save Education, Save Country, AISA today launched its nation-wide campaign at Gandhi Peace Foundation, Delhi against the Regime of Seat-Cut, NET-Cut, Fund-Cut and the saffron policy offensive against education, employment and hate propaganda by RSS/BJP. Continue reading

नॉएडा में हुए घरेलु मजदूर के ऊपर हिंसा पे भाकपा माले की रिपोर्ट

Photo Courtesy – Times Of India

भाकपा माले, ऐक्टू और दिल्ली टीचर्स इनिशिएटिव (डी टी आई) की एक टीम जिसमे कामरेड ऊमा गुप्ता, जीशान, शिव कुमार व अभिषेक शामिल थे, दिनांक 13 जुलाई को नॉएडा में जोहरा से मिलने गई. टीम की मुलाक़ात जोहरा की सास के साथ हुई, जिन्होंने ने कई बातें बताईं. इसके अलावा आसपास रहने वाले कई मजदूरों से भी टीम ने बात की. जोहरा के साथ 11-12 जुलाई को ‘महागुन अपार्टमेंट’, नॉएडा में बंधक बना कर मार-पीट की गई थी, जिसके बाद से वहां रहने वाले मजदूरों में काफी रोष और भय का माहौल बना हुआ है. घटना के बाद लगातार स्थानीय पुलिस द्वारा मजदूरों को परेशान किया जा रहा है, कई मजदूरों को 12 जुलाई की रात पुलिस द्वारा उठा लिया गया. Continue reading

UGC repesentative faces questions from AISA


In Delhi during the protest, the additional Secretary of UGC Ms. Pankaj Mittal had to come out and talk to the students. She could not give any concrete assurance and only fueled further confusion. The students have given one week’s time to the UGC for coming out with a clear notification on the status of bi-annual NET, restrictive cap and number of JRFs. If the UGC does not clarify its position within one week, our movement will intensify!

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Countrywide Protests by AISA against discontinuation of Bi-annual NET examination

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AISA protested against the UGC and MHRD for reducing the scope of NET-JRF examination drastically by holding the NET exam once instead of twice a year and reducing the number of students qualifying NET from present 15% to a meagre 6%. AISA held protest demonstrations in different Indian cities namely Patiala, Chandigarh, Delhi, Allahabad, Lucknow, Ara, Darbhanga and Kolkata.

Today AISA protested in front of UGC head office in New Delhi. AISA demanded that the chairperson of UGC should come and talk with the student directly.  Delhi police threatened the protestors as per their usual style. But the protestors held their ground. It forced UGC to send an additional secretary to come and talk with protestors. The questions that are asked to the UGC representative are

a) What happened to the June-July NET exam?

b) Why do the number of NET qualifying students being decreased from 15% to 6 % ?

c) Why did the UGC take the decisions without a proper notification?

d) Do the number of JRFs also being decreased?

The additional secretary  quite naively told that June-July NET exam will happen but it is being postponed slightly.It is in common knowledge that notification for November exam is already out. The second question is answerd in a vague manner where she claimed in effect number of NET qualifying students will increase. She told that the issue of conduction of exams are not being discussed with UGC and it is under the purview of MHRD and CBSE. She told that no final decision has been taken on conduction of bi-annual NET examination. See the video here.

AISA demanded that a proper notification should be published on the UGC website clarifying the confusions around bi-annual NET and the 6% cap within 1 week. AISA resolved to go on a bigger agitation after looking into UGC’s clarification.

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