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AISA led JNUSU stands in Solidarity with the Struggle Against Escalating Feudal Violence in Bihar.  JNUSU General Secretary, Com. Chintu Kumari Visits Ara

The JNUSU General Secretary Com. Chintu recently visited the Bhojpur district in Bihar in wake of increasing atrocities in the state on dalits, women, poor and the minorities. During her visit, she visited Veer Kunwar Singh University, which was in news a couple of years back when the goons of Ranveer Sena had burnt and ransacked the dalit hostels. She met the students of the Dalit hostels of this university and listened to their concerns which largely focussed on the continued discrimination and the lack of infrastructure they had to …

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Pura Killing and Forced Mass Exodus: Continuing Dalit Atrocities in Bihar

The Chief Minister of Bihar, Jeetan Ram Majhi, recently expressed his shock that a temple he had visited in Madhubani had been washed after the visit, presumably to ‘purify’ it after the polluting presence of the CM who is from the most oppressed mahadalit caste. If indeed the temple was washed with such a purpose, it is a highly condemnable and demeaning atrocity against Dalits, and a case must be filed against the temple authorities under the Prevention of Atrocities Act. Some of the CM’s own fellow Ministers have suggested …

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AISA Sweeps JNUSU Elections Once Again Doubles Votes To Emerge As Significant Third Force in DUSU Elections

The All India Students’ Association (AISA) has swept the JNUSU elections once again this year, winning all the four office bearer posts. Ashutosh from the AISA won the post of President by polling 1386 votes and defeating the candidate from the Left and Progressive Front (LPF) by 377 votes. On the post of Vice President, AISA’s Anant Prakash Narayan polled 1366 votes and defeated the ABVP candidate by 610 votes. Chintu Kumari from AISA was elected General Secretary after she polled 1605 votes and defeated the ABVP candidate by 814 …

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FIFA in Brazil: Ugly Exploitation Undermines Beautiful Football

“The history of football is a sad voyage from beauty to duty
Uruguayan writer and football chronicler Eduardo Galeano’s famous lines were reflected in the turbulent protests and popular discontent that hit the streets of various cities of Brazil prior to FIFA World Cup. While Brazil was announced as the host of this edition uncontested, seven years back in 2007, people around the planet whose passion revolves round the beautiful game were elated, as the land of “beautiful football” which produced the greatest artists of the game was given a nod …