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Red Salute to Comrade Mukul Sinha:  Courageous Crusader for Truth, Justice and Democracy

Activist and lawyer Mukul Sinha succumbed to lung cancer in Ahmedabad on 12 May 2014. He was 63. A trade union activist, Sinha also fought many landmark battles for civil liberties and justice – many of them in the heart of Narendra Modi’s Gujarat, valiantly keeping alive the hope of justice for victims of communal pogroms, fake encounters and custodial murders.
As a young researcher in a university in Ahmedabad, Mukul Sinha became a trade union organiser when 133 persons were laid off from the university in 1979. Throughout the 1980s, …

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‘CHALO EFLU’ on 12th May Against the Administrative highhanded decision to rusticate three students for participating in students’ Movement

AISA strongly condemns the rustication of three student leaders of the English and Foreign Languages university (EFLU) for participating in a democratic protest demanding better library facilities. Mohan Dharavath (President of Dalit Adivasi Bahujan Minority Students Union) and Satheesh Nainala (general secretary of Telangana Students Association, EFLU), Subhash Kumar (AISA member and Prominent Student Activist of EFLU)  have been rusticated by the university administration for two years without any probe, ostensibly for participating in a protest called by the EFLU Students’ Union.  To rusticate these students who were part of …

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Condemn the Gruesome Massacre by the Militant Groups in Assam Which Has Claimed the Lives of Around 30 Muslims!

Stop Communal Flare-Up and Targeting!
Ensure Immediate Protection and Security, Compensation and Rehabilitation!

Condemn the Insensitive Gogoi Government!!
AISA Joins Joint Protest Demo in front of ASSAM BHAWAN on  7TH May, Condemning the Massacre…
At least 23 people have been killed in 3 separate attacks by suspected Bodo militants during Thursday-Friday (2nd May) in the Kokrajhar and Baksa districts under the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) in Assam. However, according to later TV reports, death toll rose to 30 as seven more bodies were recovered from Narayanguri area of Baksa district in Assam early Saturday. …

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Condemn the Series Violence by CPI(M) and SFI Against Dalit Activists and Student

In a heinous incident of political violence and intimidation, 9 Dalit activists, including three women, were brutally attacked by CPM cadres at Nandankuzhi in Madikai, Kerala on 6th April, Sunday. CPM workers unleashed attack on Dalit Service Society (DSS) activists who were campaigning for their candidate at Nandankuzhi. CPM has also threatened the Dalit activists from visiting the colonies and seeking votes. ( Attacked/2014/04/07/article2154024.ece#.U0Usj3nrbIX)
In another shameful incident, a Dalit student from M.B.A Healthcare Management of University of Hyderabad was brutally beaten up by SFI cadres on the last day of …