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Students, activists demand an independent judicial inquiry into Batla House encounter

By Muslim Mirror News

New Delhi, July 27: Students from Jamia Millia Islamia, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University and concerned citizens gathered today at Jantar Mantar at the call of All India Students Association and Revolutionary Youth Association. Campus Front of India also joined the gathering. A march at the Jantar Mantar road also took place. Protesters also lit candle. While the lower court has given a judgement on the Involvement of Shahzad Ahmed in the Batla House encounter case, many questions raised by residents of Batla house, students, and also …

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महाराष्ट्र में बीएएमएस छात्रों के सवाल पर चल रहे आइसा आन्दोलन की रिपोर्ट

आयुर्वेदिक महाविद्यालय के शैक्षणिक वर्ष 2011-2012 के छात्रों को दूसरे आयुर्वेदिक महाविद्यालय में स्थानान्तरण के लिये संघर्ष
महाराष्ट्र में अधिकाँश शिक्षा और खासतौर से प्रोफेशनल कोर्सेस निजी संस्थाओं के हाथों में जा चुके हैं. अन्य पाठ्यक्रमों की तरह ‘बैचलर ऑफ आयुर्वेदिक मेडिसिन एंड सर्जरी’ (बीएएमएस) की डिग्रियां भी कुछेक सरकारी कालेजों को छोड़कर निजी कालेजों द्वारा दी रही हैं. इनमें से कुछ एक कॉलेजों को छोड़ दिया जाये तो बाकी सभी इंजीनियरिंग और मेडिकल कॉलेज निजी मालिकों के हैं जो किसी न किसी राजनीतिक पार्टी से जुड़े हुए हैं. इन कालेजों …

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After whistleblower Edward Snowden’s courageous leak citizens world over are enraged with the criminal audacity of the surveillance programmes run by US which violate the minimum democratic rights of free individuals. It’s a shame that such colonization of free spaces and sovereignty is done in the name of preventing terrorism and providing security. Obama’s US believes itself to be the self proclaimed dispenser of global security. Every common individual is being treated as a potential terrorist automatically warranting US surveillance and any dissent, like that of Edward Snowden, deserves extreme …

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Posters In Protest!! They Speak For Us! Reject FYUP! Reclaim DU

Two-year Diploma will involve : Only 8 Core Courses, 20 Non-Core Courses! So, the DU Diploma would be a Diploma in… WHICH subject? · Three Year Bachelor Degree will have Only 14 Main Core Courses and 28 Non-Core Courses, whereas students of other Universities will get a BA (Hons) Degree in three years, with intensive training in their core discipline! · 4 year Bachelor (Hons) degree will have Only 20 Core Courses out of a total of 50 Courses; whereas the earlier 3 Year Hons Degree Had 75% Core Courses! …

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[26 May 2013 | No Comment | 1,495 views]

              Khalid Mujahid: Yet Another Custodial Death of So Called “Terror Accused” in UP!
                     In Akhilesh-Mulayam’s UP: Injustice To Muslim Victims of Witch-Hunt Continues Unabated!
                 Communal Hate Mongerer Varun Gandhi Allowed To Got Scot Under SP Patronage!
Khalid Mujahid, a so-called “accused” in the 2007 serial blasts in UP died on Sturday 18 May in police custody, yet another shameful injustice to a victim of Muslim witch-hunt.
Khalid, a resident of Mariahu in Jaunpur and a Madarsa teacher, was arrested by the special task force of the UP police in December 2007 following serial …