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Speak Out Against State-Sponsored Violence & Brutality Unleashed by the TMC in Bengal!

West Bengal is witnessing an all-out attack on dissent, democracy, and the entire range of Left activists. The custodial killing of student activist of SFI, Sudipto Gupta, and CM Mamata Banerjee’s remark terming the killing to be a ‘petty’ affair, unleashed student protests in West Bengal and beyond. These protests have been met by a deliberate attack by the TMC on students and teachers of Presidency college; and arson, stone-pelting and violence on CPIM party offices. In another incident on 9 April, Mamata’s police brutally cracked down on anti-Modi protestors …

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Demand Proper Investigation, Resist Attempts To Scapegoat and Witch-hunt !!
AISA strongly condemns the twin terror blasts that took place on 21 Feb in Dilsukhnagar in Hyderabad. Two blasts took place, at least 13 people have been killed, and more than 100 have been injured. We express deep condolences to the families of those killed in the blasts and demand smooth disbursal of compensation to all those who have suffered.
Such terror blasts have to be condemned in no uncertain terms, and it is of utmost importance that a proper investigation be …

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Do Not Forget! Do Not Forgive!
22 years ago, on 23 February 1991, a battalion of the 4th Rajputana Rifles of the Indian Army entered the village of Kunan Poshpora in Kupwara district of Kashmir late at night for a ‘search’ and ‘interrogation’ operation. The men of the village were rounded up and kept in custody just outside the villages. At least 53 women – aged 13 to 80 years – were gang raped by the army for several hours together. According to the villagers the number is much higher. What …

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ZeRo TOlerAnCe-FreDoM WiThOut FeAR


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Hanging of Afzal Guru: Travesty of Justice and Democracy
The hanging of Afzal Guru at the crack of dawn on 9 February, done in an extremely secretive manner without even informing his family, will be recognised by every justice-loving person as a case of justice being compromised to appease the communal fascist forces with an eye on the elections.
It is well known that Afzal was a surrendered Kashmiri militant who had given himself up to the BSF in 1993 and had since been working in the shadow of the Special …