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AISA Stands In Solidarity With The Struggle Of The Members Of Maruti Suzuki Worker Union

                                                MARUTI SUZUKI WORKERS UNION
Reg. No. 1923
IMT Manesar
PRESS RELEASE: 20th May 2013
We are facing one of the most brutal repression by the government on our movement. While we have adopted the democratic and peaceful means available to demand the release of arrested 147 workers, withdrawal of and reinstatement of terminated 546 permanent and 1800 contract workers, the government has only responded with force and malice and in collusion with the Maruti Suzuki company management.
Our peaceful dharna has been going on since 24th March, which included hunger strike, deputations, rallies, which …

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                                                    A sample of the course outline


1.  Objective and Expected outcome 
The aim of this course is to build appreciation for science, develop scientific temper and help the student understand where and how science is linked to daily life. Our goal is to engage the first year students in the University in a manner that builds on  the  student‘s  high  school experiences, rather …

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Day Long Student Youth Vigil Against Corruption, Corporate loot and Cover Up!

Unfolding in front of our eyes is a sordid drama of blatant corruption, corporate plunder, and cover up, with the Prime Minister of the country presiding over the whole affair. In the coal scam and attempted cover-up through manipulation of CBI, the PMO is directly implicated.
First, the 2G scam allowed corporations to plunder our airways for a pittance. The sky was opened up for loot.
Then the coal scam did the same for the precious mineral resources: our earth was available for loot. And it was none but …

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Restrictions on Photocopying:Another Anti-Student Move to Placate Corporate Greed!

Restrictions on Photocopying: Down With Administration’s Yet Another Anti-Student Move to Placate Corporate Greed!
During the last few days, following in the footsteps of the authoritarian, corrupt, neo-liberal DU administration, the JNU administration too had taken the anti-student move of instructing the Xerox vendors in the campus to restrict photocopying of books and other study materials. This is outrightly condemnable and unacceptable and must be resisted.
Neo-liberal masters sitting in the government and their pliant followers running educational institutions are hell-bent on trying every trick in the book to commercialise every aspect …

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“If there is no water in the dam, how can we release it? Should I urinate into it? If there is no water to drink, even urinating is not possible.”
Down with the Naked Arrogance of ‘Pawar’: First He Filled His Pockets with Murky Deals and Dried the Rivers! And Now He Mocks the Drought-Hit People!
AISA condemns the shameful statement by the Maharashtra strongman and Deputy CM Ajit Pawar where he spoke of urinating into dams so as to make up for the water shortfall in the state.
On April 7, 2013, …