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[25 Oct 2015 | No Comment | 176 views]
Ensure Fellowship For ALL Research Students!

Reject UGC’s Dubious Logic of ‘Merit’ !
Rights Cannot Be Withdrawn! Struggles Cannot Be Detained!
Voices Cannot Be Silenced!
 #SaveNonNETfellowship movement continues braving ABVP’s lumpenism,  day long detention at Bhalsava Police Station and police lathi-charge on protesting students!
The movement, that has already assumed an all India form with students across states and universities now coming out on streets, will continue till the government is forced to revoke its anti-student move!
It is extremely shameful that the government is using the goon strength of ABVP to mislead the student community by creating consistent …

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[22 Oct 2015 | One Comment | 1,585 views]
Students Occupy UGC in Protest Against Modi Governments decision to Scrap Non-NET Fellowship

Hundreds of Students from JNU, DU and Jamia occupy the premises of UGC demanding immediate revocation of the decision to discontinue the UGC Non NET Fellowship. The UGC Non-NET fellowship which was started in 2008 to encourage research in the universities has proved to be a life line for researchers who do not have access to other scholarships. It has encouraged students from different backgrounds to continue their research and what is required is to increase the amount from the paltry sum of 5000 for M.Phil students and 8000 for …

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[20 Oct 2015 | No Comment | 1,238 views]
Modi Government WITHDRAWS UGC Non-NET Fellowships!

In a meeting held this month, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has decided to completely withdraw the UGC non-NET Rs 5000/8000 fellowships. The minutes of a UGC meeting held on 7 October clearly says: “Considered and resolved to discontinue the scheme [non-NET fellowship scheme]. However, the students who are already getting the non-NET fellowship will continue to do so as per existing guidelines” (section 4.01 of the minutes).
This blatant withdrawal of an essential sustenance-level financial assistance, which enables research scholars across the country to pursue higher education, must be stiffly …

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[19 Oct 2015 | No Comment | 122 views]
Factory Worker Brutally Beaten to Death in Punjab!

Rise up against the Ruthless Killings, Torture and Harassment of Workers and Systemic Attack on Trade Unions throughout the Country!!
Strung up by his legs and hands from the ceiling, upside down, and brutally beaten with an iron rod, a migrant factory worker was killed in the Focal Point Area of Amritsar by the henchmen of the factory owner last Thursday evening. The worker, hailing from Nepal and a previous resident of Bihar, was falsely accused of theft by the factory owner and taken away by his henchmen on the pretext …

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[9 Oct 2015 | No Comment | 20 views]
Shiv Sena Cancels Ghulam Ali Concert in Mumbai

Saffron Brigade  Bares Its Fangs Again!
In yet another instance of jingoism and fascist vandalism, the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra has forced the organisers to cancel the Mumbai concert of well-known Pakistani gazal singer Ghulam Ali.  A few months ago, the Shiv Sena had opposed Pakistani singer Atif Aslam’s concert in Pune, which then had to be cancelled after their opposition. We condemn this blatant display of fascist muscle flexing.
According to the Shiv Sena, inviting any Pakistani singer is an “insult” to all citizens of India. However, as we well know, this …