#Metoo Movement Shakes Up All Pervasive Patriarchy

MeToo poster
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The MeToo movement against sexual harassment and work place sexism has arrived in India. The movement started in America last year this month itself when allegations of serial sexual harassment against film producer in Hollywood Harvey Weinstein emerged. The brave account of survivors of harassment by Harvey started a ripple effect and women in different professions spoke up about sexual harassments faced by them. The MeToo moment in America was being keenly observed by women in India as well as across the globe. And today, that moment has begun here. The solidarity that has built up among women has created an enabling atmosphere to challenge patriarchal and unjust power.  The Me Too movement is also a reminder that sexism has to be fought everywhere, including the progressive institutions/spaces. 

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Worst-Ever Attack on Women’s Rights and Autonomy

London protest against Modi's visit

London protest against Modi’s visit

We are approaching our 72nd Independence Day which will be also the fifth Independence Day with Narendra Modi as India’s Prime Minister. One of the chief architects of modern India, Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar once famously said, “I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress women have achieved.” In the fifth year of Modi Raj, let us take a close look where the women of the country stand. Continue reading

2nd August Bihar Bandh against organised rape in government protection

AIPWA protest in Bihar

AIPWA protest in Bihar

The horrific incidents of sexual abuse of minor girls in a Muzaffarpur shelter home have shocked all of us. With the gruesome rapes of several minor girls in the Seva Sankalp Evam Vikas Samiti, a balika grih (shelter home), in Muzaffarpur, there are also multiple shocking cases sexual abuse in other government-funded shelter homes across the state of Bihar. Continue reading