10% Cap on IBPS Waiting List: Resist the Policy of Job Cuts in Organised Public Services

IBPS logoPerhaps the most talked about exams in the country lead to more controversies than employment. The recent most instance is of the IBPS recruitment. For months now, the successful IBPS candidates of 2014-15 exam are engaged in a protracted battle against the IBPS and the govt.

To fill up the total number of vacancies in all participant banks, IBPS generally comes out with several lists along with the first list of qualified candidates. Thousands of candidates who have qualified integrated IBPS exams get recruitment in turns for fulfilment of vacancies. However, while announcing the final results for 2014-15, IBPS suddenly introduced a cap of 10% of total vacancies to the waiting list, which has practically put out of race all other candidates outside this 10% waiting list, despite qualifying written and interview and despite thousands of posts in different banks lying vacant for 2014-15! The remaining vacancies are supposedly being ‘carried forward’ to the 2015-16, a cover-up for job-cut in 2014-15!

This 10% cap is further unjustified because it was imposed after the entire process examination process was over, in clear contravention of the initial advertisement and all other stage wise notifications which clearly mentioned that all candidates who clear written and interview would be considered for all allotment process. Can the rules be changed after the game has begun and is, in fact, over?

This cap on IBPS recruitment has been imposed at the instructions from the Ministry of Finance. The qualified candidates have communicated this discrepancy costing their employment several times to the Finance Minister of the previous UPA government as well as the present BJP government. But the MoF, rather than correcting this injustice, has turned this back-door job cut into a permanent official policy by declaring that from 2015-16, there will be 10 % cap on the waiting list, no matter how many candidates qualify or how many seats are vacant!

Earlier too, IBPS courted controversies relating to age and other eligibility criteria- thousands of youth were excluded from even taking the exams. It was only after countrywide protests in July 2013 by progressive and democratic organizations, including AISA, RYA and others, that the IBPS was forced to take back its elitist criteria. This time again, IBPS in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance is repeating its track record of excluding thousands of job seekers from their right to employment.

Job -Cut: 10% Cap on Waiting List Despite Thousands of Unfulfilled Vacancies

The arbitrary imposition of 10% limit on waiting list for 2014-15 continues despite the fact that 3421 posts in several banks are still lying vacant. The trend rate of non-fulfillment of vacancies is much more than 10% after the release of first allotment list. For example in 2013-14, after the first allotment list, 34.12% vacancies remained unfulfilled. Thus to fulfill the vacancies it is required to come out with subsequent lists. But the IBPS and MoF by imposing cap of 10 % of vacancies on waiting list rules out subsequent lists, making it impossible to fulfill the vacancies ever.

Another shameful aspect of this new tactics by IBPS/MoF is to allow private bodies to fetch money in the process of recruitment to banks. Several banks, have started recruitment of unfulfilled vacancies on their own through channel of private bodies. For example, Syndicate Bank in their recruitment notification for 2014-15 has said the following-

One batch of 200 students will be inducted in Manipal Global Education Services Pvt Ltd, Bangalore and one batch of 200 students will be inducted in Nitte Education International Pvt Ltd through this current selection exercise for 2014-15, total around 400 students.”

The candidates who qualify in the exams conducted under such notifications are being forced to pay exorbitant fee to these private bodies in the name of training!

Lakhs of students who are forced to move to big cities, pay hefty coaching fees and escalating room rents, in the hope of a stable public sector job are being left in lurch. With this 10% cap in place, IBPS aspirants will now be placed in permanent uncertainty despite duly qualifying exams – just because the recruitment agency do not care for a transparent and accountable recruitment policy and the govt is hell-bent to cut down stable job avenues by hook-or crook running roughshod over the future of the unemployed youth of the country.

Job cuts and shrinkage in stable employment opportunities have been named ‘development’ these days in India. The party in power came to government promising employment to ‘young India’. But, its tenure started with betrayal of promise on the discriminating pattern of CSAT in UPSC. The CSAT pattern not only continues, but the students protesting against it have faced brutal lathicharge under the direction of the Home Ministry. The BJP government also issued an order to stall recruitment in all central government vacancies for the next two years. Along with this, the latest SSC result scam and the retrenchment order of around 30,000 IT employees by the TCS only add up to the saga of rapidly shrinking employment opportunities for the people.

AISA appeals to the students, youth and all concerned citizens to speak out and unite against this curtailment of all avenues of stable employment and govt policy of playing havoc with the future of India’s young people.

Join Protest Demo at the Department of Finance, Jeevandeep Building, near Patel Chowk Metro on 6th January, 10am.


1. Remove 10% cap on waiting list by IBPS, Fill up all vacancies in Banks

2. Stop the practice of not filling bank posts by imposition of arbitrary rules by IBPS/MoF

3. End injustice with qualified candidates of FY 2014-15

4. Stop exploitation of selected candidates by private bodies in the name of training

5. Ensure transparency of recruitment process by IBPS, make IBPS comply RTI rules.


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  1. kya iske baad second list k aane ki kuch hope hai?? january v aa gayi but av tak reserve list wale v jobless hi hain

  2. kya iske baad second list aane ki ummid kar sakte h?? january aa gayi h but av tak reserve list wale v jobless h..

  3. Thanks AISA from deep of my heart for constituting such an union which always fight for injustice, despite of tough environment and cruel governance at any time.

    .. Warm regards to all aisa members..

  4. Ye sab dekh kar lag raha hai ye IBPS wala humara seat kat kar apna relative ko job de raha hai totally WORST BJP GOVT.

  5. After watching all these it is Crystal clear that in Future it will be a very difficult task to get a govt. job in spite having too much vacancy govt. is not ready to give job .

  6. Thanks AISA 4 the support, bt its request to u to put more pressure on IBPS n MOF so that 2nd list will release as soon as possible i.e. in the month f january.

  7. Even after the protest nothing is happening out…
    even reserve list candidates are not getting the job and i think actually will not because ibps doesn’t want to recruit by ibps po/clerk 3 exam anymore…
    although there are many vacancies…
    aisa has done a good job but still i would call it a waist attempt..
    because result is missing

  8. This time also IBPS declared the 10% reserve list for cwe po and clerk 4 ….i think there is no way to finish this type of corruption ..

  9. Iss saal to mera last attempt tha par.8 % ke liye miss ho gaya…kya second waiting list ayegi kya….4yrs se clear kar rahi hu par koi chance nai mila….koi batayega kya second allotment waiting list lagegi kya….private mai employment gap dekha jata hai to koi interview bhi nai leta…

  10. Here our candidature has been cancelled by bank due to biometric mismatch. But during exam or interview biometric machine was unable to read my thumb impression. What is my fault in whole prossess. Total 11 students whoes candidature has been cancelled by sarva up grameen bank. Help AISA.
    ROLL NO 2122130050

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