About Us


Across the world today, students and youth are coming out into the streets against the prevailing order based on anti-people policies and imperialist aggression, Their voices resound with the chant that ‘Another World is possible’.

AISA is a revolutionary students movement which stands firmly in the campuses throughout the country with a vision of “A New India and A New World.’ The formation of AISA in 1990 was the result of a long felt need for a platform for the revolutionary and democratic students movement. From the outset, it has defeated the communal politics in its bastions at Kumaon University, Allahabad University, and BHU. And in the Student union elections in JNU, AISA has over the years marched forward with the revolutionary red flag. In the years that followed, AISA has been at the forefront of all struggles for student rights as well as larger democratic issues. The founding conference of AISA was on 9th August, Kranti Divas, at Allahabad. The second national conference was held in Delhi in 1994, the third in 1998 at Patna, the fourth in Allahabad (2001), the fifth in Calcutta (2004), and the sixth has recently concluded at Muzaffarpur.

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AISA is a revolutionary, democratic students’ organization. We have led struggles for the democratization of campus life, for a pro-people and scientific education system and for the right to education and employment. Through mobilizing the revolutionary, left, democratic and liberal sections of the student community, we are committed to organizing a broad-based students’ movement as an important organ in the revolutionary transformation of Indian society.

AISA derives it’s ideological path from the progressive ideologies of democratic movements. We believe that Marxism is the science of revolutionary change and human emancipation. Through waging a relentless struggle against reactionary ideologies and cultural values, we are committed towards a creative and popular propagation of scientific culture, democracy and modern thought.

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Basic Programme

  1. Overthrowing the existing colonial education system and establishing a pro-people scientific education system.
  2. Against saffronization, privatization and commercialization of the education sector and for total democratization of education system on the basis of campus autonomy.
  3. Recognizing the Right to Education and the Right to Employment as fundamental rights.
  4. For a new democratic cultural resurgence against the existing reactionary feudal, imperialist and capitalist culture in the society.
  5. Integrating with the struggles of the workers and peasants in favour of a radical social transformation and for a national liberation defeating all kinds of imperialist hegemony.

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All India Students’ Association (AISA)


Colour- red, rectangular, 3:2 ratio in length and breath, three stars in the flag symbolizing education, progress and democracy, in the there will be fist in the white colour in the middle of the flag.


Three stars and a fist symbolizing revolutionary firmness, unity and power of students.

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