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Pathribal, Machil, Kunan Poshpora and AFSPA: Repeated Burial of Justice in the Mass Graves of Kashmir

AISA strongly condemns the shameful cover-up of the murder of  innocent civilians in Pathribal in what was dubbed as a “joint  operation” of the Kashmir police and the Indian Army. This is a  shocking display of arrogance resulting from legal impunity  accorded to the Indian Army under the draconian Armed Forces  Special PowersAct (AFSA). Five innocent Kashmiris were picked  up by the Indian Army and passed off as foreign terrorists  responsible for the tragic Chhittisinghpora massacre in which  scores of Kashmiri Sikhs were lined up and killed. While the CBI …

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[15 Jan 2014 | One Comment | 1,761 views]
Support Kerala Advocate Anima Muyarath in Her Battle Against Sexism and Gender Discrimination in the Calicut Bar Association

AISA and AIPWA condemn the Calicut Bar Association’s decision  to suspend Adv. Anima Muyarath for her Facebook post on 25th   October 2013 regarding sexist  comments from the fellow male  lawyers in the Bar as well as at the office. She was suspended by the  Association for a month since 30th December 2013 on grounds of  ‘severe misconduct.’ At the General Body Meeting on 10th January  2014 which ratified the decision, Anima and another woman lawyer  who supported her were attacked physically and verbally by male members. One of them threw …

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AISA Intervenes and Resists the Displacement of Poor Slum Dwellers at Mansarovar Park, Delhi

AISA-CPI (ML) intervenes and resists the displacement of poor slum dwellers at Mansarovar Park, Delhi.