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[27 Feb 2014 | One Comment | 9,340 views]
Swami Aseemanand Says the RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat Sanctioned Terrorist Attacks

Summary of Aseemanand’s Interview
(Based on a Press Release issued by The Caravan magazine, February 5, 2014)
Swami Aseemanand, incarcerated in Ambala Central Jail for abetting terrorist attacks on various targets between 2006 and 2008—Samjhauta Express (February 2007), Hyderabad Mecca Masjid (May 2007), Ajmer Dargah (October 2007) and two attacks in Malegaon (September 2006 and September 2008)—which together took the lives of 119 people, has made a revelation toThe Caravan which has been published in the latest issue of the magazine. In the course of over two years, Aseemanand granted four exclusive interviews …

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[27 Feb 2014 | 2 Comments | 1,434 views]

Yatra to Visit DU Colleges and Localities across the City and Collect Signatures on a Petition to the President Demanding Roll Back of FYUP!!
Roll Back FYUP! Save Our Future!
Delhi wide ‘FYUP Hatao Bhavisya Bachao’ Yatra organised by AISA was flagged off from Arts Faculty, North Campus, Delhi University. The Yatra was flagged off by Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) President Prof. Nandita Narain. The Yatra will travel across the city of Delhi  and visit all colleges under DU and colonies and localities. In the course of the Yatra signatures will …

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[26 Feb 2014 | No Comment | 1,143 views]
Comrade TP Chandrashekharan:  Embodiment of the Undying Spirit of the Communist Movement

“… The fate of Chandrasekharan illustrates the plight of political leaders who do not want to be part of the LDF or the UDF. As someone from Kannur told me, ‘The CPI-M people would tell us that if you oppose us, we will thrash you (thachum) and the Congress people tell us that if you oppose us, we’ll get you thrashed by the police….’ (– Gilbert Sebastian, The martyrdom of Com. T P Chandrasekharan and the future of transformative politics in Keralam, Sanhati, 7 July, 2012)
“…I see Communism in India …

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[25 Feb 2014 | One Comment | 693 views]

We, the undersigned, strongly condemn the lenient attitude of Kashmir police and the Jammu Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee on the extremely serious case of sexual harassment against former health minister and Congress MLA, Shabir Khan. The Congress party has asked Shabir Khan to resign but he continues to be an MLA, attends assembly sessions and has been granted bail, thus putting the entire investigation in jeopardy. In a recent development, the SHO who was investigating the case has been transferred.
Shabir Khan, was accused of molesting a female doctor and was …

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[25 Feb 2014 | No Comment | 1,166 views]
23 Years After Kunan-Poshpora: We Remember, We Resist!


On 23 February, 1991, an entire village was
raped. And truth and justice have been throttled. The rapists haven’t been tried or punished. Instead the complaint of rape was never even investigated! Kunan Poshpora is a festering wound – and it is no aberration. Kunan Poshpora reminds us of the reality of Kashmir, where India’s Army systematically terrorises the people in the name of protecting ‘the rest of India’ and the ‘country’s integrity’. 
On 23rd February, the 68th Brigade of the Fourth Rajputana Rifles surrounded Kunan Poshpora for a ‘cordon and search …

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[14 Feb 2014 | No Comment | 696 views]
AISA ने 13 फरवरी को एक कारगर ‘कम्युनल वायलेंस (प्रिवेंशन,कंट्रोल एंड रिहैबिलिटेशन ऑफ़ विक्टिम्स ) बिल’  के लिए   किया ‘मार्च टू पार्लियामेंट’

AISA ने 13 फरवरी को एक कारगर ‘कम्युनल वायलेंस (प्रिवेंशन,कंट्रोल एंड रिहैबिलिटेशन ऑफ़ विक्टिम्स ) बिल’  के लिए ‘मार्च टू पार्लियामेंट’  किया. साथ ही इस बिल को इसी सत्र में पास करवाने तथा  धारा 355 के तहत UP में हस्तक्षेप करने की मांग को लेकर क़रीब 1000 हस्ताक्षर भी होम मिनिस्टर को दिया. 
मार्च में JNU,जामिया मिल़िया इस्लामिया और दिल्ली विश्वविद्यालय से क़रीब 100 छात्र शामिल हुए.
JNU स्टूडेंट्स यूनियन के अध्यक्ष अकबर चौधरी ने कहा कि ‘आज एक तरफ़ दंगा पीड़ितों को ‘कुत्ते का पिल्ला’, ‘पेशेवर भिखारी’, ‘ISI का एजेंट’ कहकर …

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[11 Feb 2014 | No Comment | 1,138 views]
Afzal Guru’s hanging : A Year After

Denied fair trial, hanged without evidence and despite reasonable doubt
In the year 2002, Afzal Guru was sentenced to death on flimsy grounds and without any evidence. Over a decade later, on 9 Feb, 2013 he was hanged in complete secrecy. His mercy petition had been rejected and he was hanged in an extreme hurry without even informing his family. After about a year, deciding on petitions filed by 15 death row convicts, on 21st Jan 2014 the Supreme Court of India framed guidelines regarding death penalty which include, among others, that …

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[11 Feb 2014 | No Comment | 876 views]
AISA led JNUSU protests against the brutal rape of a minor girl from Manipur: the Culprits are Arrested

The shocking news of brutal rape of a minor 14 year old North-East girl in Munirka on Friday night (7th February,2014) has once again shaken all of us. The moment this gruesome news came out, the AISA led JNUSU gave the call for an immediate protest. At JNUSU’s call hundreds of students from the campus poured out in protest at the Vasant Vihar police Station. Students and activists from North-East also joined in large number in this spontaneous protest. It was only after hours of protest by around 500 …