SFI Cadres Unleashes Brutal Physical Assaults on AISA Activists In Kalady university, Kerala

In two incidents which occurred on 3rd August (Sunday) and 5th August (Tuesday) SFI cadres and leaders beat up AISA activists at Sree Shankaracharya Sanskrit University (SSUS) in Kalady, Kerela. At least 5 AISA activists of the University have been hospitalized after being brutally beaten by the SFI in the University. Let us not forget that this is the same of unit of SFI in Kerela which threatened and heckled Com. Om Prasad of AISA when he had visited SSUS in February earlier this year. AISA condemns this act of campus violence by the SFI in the strongest possible terms. Such violence on political rivals, in the absence of their ability to engage in a political discussion with opponents, has for long characterized SFI in all its ‘strongholds’ – whether in Kerala or in West Bengal.
The first incident of violence on AISA activists occurred on 3rd August, when around 6 activists of SFI badly beat up Com. Manoj who is an AISA leader at the University, at around 10:30 PM near the University Gate. Com. Manoj was injured in the neck and back and had to be admitted to a hospital at Perambavoor. The University Councilor from SFI was also present when this happened but as a student’s representative preferred to remain shamelessly silent while Manoj was being beaten up right before his eyes. Com. Manoj, also a resident of the University Hostel, had recently demanded complete transparency in the running of the Hostel and had written to the University authorities regarding this. This obviously did not go down well with the SFI who run the hostel as their own ‘fiefdom’. The second incident happened on the 5th of August. In response to the violence by SFI, AISA gave a call for a strike. While AISA activists were campaigning for the strike in Music Department a large group of SFI cadres led by none other than the Unit Secretary and President entered the classroom in which AISA activists were campaigning and locked the room and violently beat up eight activists of AISA. After this, the group of SFI activists went around the
University campus and tore all posters pasted by AISA. Four AISA activists, Com. Anirudh, Com. Hari Mohan, Com.
Aswin and Com. Dipin had to be admitted in the hospital. The Police have refused to file a case against the Unit
Secretary and President of SFI. Now, to cover up its own misdeeds, the SFI, typical to its degenerate culture, is
spreading lies and rumors that AISA activists have been indulging in alcohol and drugs in the hostel and hence had
to be beaten up!
Such violence by SFI cadre are hardly ‘stray’ incidents and aberrations: whenever they feel any ‘challenge’ to their
so-called ‘citadels’, particularly from radical left forces who have the capacity to completely expose their repeated
betrayals of Left ideals, they deal with such opponents with brutal violence, whether in Bengal or in Kerala. Even
now, after the people of Bengal have taught them a lesson for their betrayals, they still justify rapes and murders
in Singur and Nandigram by asking us to understand the “political context”! Moreover, we have not forgotten how Comrade TP Chandrashekharan was brutally murdered by CPI(M) cadre, and abused by the senior leadership of CPI(M) for being a ‘traitor’, simply because he chose to break away from the party to form an alternative Left
platform. We appeal to the student community to completely reject this anti-democratic political culture of violence and intimidation.