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[21 Apr 2015 | No Comment | 163 views]
Three Women Raped by ARMY in Karbi Anglong

On 6th April, an Army regiment entered a village in Karbi Anglong, and molested and injured many women. Around eight jawans carried off a 15 year old girl into the forest; when her mother and another woman rushed to rescue her, the jawans raped all three.
An ICDS worker who tried to intervene was also injured, and a three-year-old baby was hit with the butt of a rifle.
Karbi Anglong is one of the hill districts of Assam, the site of an agitation demanding autonomous statehood that has lasted several …

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[19 Apr 2015 | 3 Comments | 318 views]
Onwards to AISA’s 8th Conference…

We are its masters
This Hindostan of ours
From afar came the foreigner
Cast such a spell
Greedily plundered our beloved land
Today the martyrs call out to you
The people of the land
Break the shackles of slavery
                 Rain fiery embers…
National song composed during the 1857 First War of Independence, by freedom fighter Azimulla Khan
On 10th May, 1857, the people of India began India’s First War of Independence, against the British colonial ‘Company Raj’. Uniting across religion and caste, the ordinary people of the country fiercely …