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[27 Mar 2016 | No Comment | 529 views]
Hundreds of Dalit Homes Burnt in Nawada, Bihar

In yet another brutal assault, hundreds of Dalit homes were burnt down in Nawada, Bihar. Around 150 homes were destroyed. This brazen attack comes close on the heels of weeks and months of threats, intimidation and attacks on this Dalit settlement.
In the Kajhiya village of Akbarpur block in Nawada, for years Dalits have been demanding their rights for lands and homesteads. They have been asking that the gair mazuarwa (common) land be distributed to the poor and the underprivileged so that they can build they homes on them. For the …

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[27 Mar 2016 | No Comment | 207 views]
From HCU to JNU, Save Educational Institutions, Save Democracy

Karawaan-e-Sedition: Kis Kis Ko ‘Anti-National’ Kahoge?
The ABVP-RSS-BJP and some media channels (who have mastered the art of airing fake tweets and doctored videos) are busy telling the world that JNU is a hub of ‘sedition’. The very same voices emerging from #OccupyUGC and #JusticeforRohithVemula are now ‘anti-national’ and ‘seditious’, if the ABVP-RSS-BJP and Times Now/Zee News are to be believed. Students activists, JNU teachers and well-known poets are now being branded “anti-national” in primetime shows. Even as we battle a police crackdown, arrests, jailing and suspensions, let us discuss …