Brutal Feudal Killings of Dalit CPI(ML) Leaders in Bihar!


dalit-paintingOn 21 March 2016, two young Dalit CPI(ML) activists, Comrade Mahesh Ram and Comrade Rampravesh Ram were killed by goons of the BJP-supported feudal criminal Surendra Singh in Begusarai district of Bihar. Comrade Mahesh Ram was just 25 years old and a member of CPI(ML)’s block committee, while Rampravesh Ram, another leader was just 27 years old. Both leaders were ambushed when they were returning to their village Maksudanpur. And on the night of 16 April, yet another mahadalit CPI(ML) leader Gaaro Paswan, was killed in his village in Begusarai while he was sleeping. These leaders have clearly been targeted by feudal casteist forces in Bihar for the ‘crime’ of leading spirited struggles of the landless poor in the state.

134 poor Dalit families of Maksudanpur village were allotted land pattas on 120 acres of land in 1980-81, but were kept deprived of their lands since then by the dominant feudal forces in the village. After a protracted struggle, as well as a long legal effort, the district administration and the High Court both gave a verdict in favour of the landless patta holders. The feudal goons launched a vicious attack on the landless families when they went to take possession of their lands in November 2015, resulting in many injuries. The police present at the spot remained mute spectators. This attempt too was repulsed valiantly by the villagers, and all the patta holders were able to sow seeds on their lands. Few months ago, patta holders harvested their crops, gaining confidence from the ongoing struggles and mass mobilisation in their support. However, the Nitish Government’s tacit support and refusal to rein in feudal criminals has boosted the morale of anti-poor forces, which ultimately resulted in these cowardly killings of three activists leading struggles for land, dignity and rights.

Not long ago Comrade Rajendra Mahto and Comrade Sanjay Chaurasiya were brutally murdered in Bhojpur and Siwan respectively. But the Grand Alliance (Maha Gatbandhan), which came to power in Bihar promising social justice and development, has failed miserably to arrest and punish the killers in all these incidents. Time and again, the RJD and the JD(U) have shown their deep reluctance to take any action against feudal casteist armies such as the Ranveer Sena, or against any violence on Dalits and the poor fighting for their rights. From Laxmanpur Bathe and Bathani Tola, to the present spate of repeated cold-blooded murders of Dalit leaders and activists of CPI(ML), the saga of the impunity of feudal casteist forces and their violence continues.

AISA appeals to the student community to stand by all those who are genuinely fighting for social justice – for land, for dignity, for rights and equality. The continuing feudal terror has to be collectively rebuffed by democratic forces across the country.

Against the Spate of Brutal Feudal Killings of Dalit CPI(ML) Leaders in Bihar

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