AISA Student Chain against CBCS in Delhi University

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Resist CBCS Mayhem in DU Join Student Chain Against CBCS


Resist CBCS Mayhem in Delhi University

AISA’s Student Chain against ‪#‎CBCS‬
12 am, 24 July (Friday)
Arts Faculty, North Campus

“History repeats itself first as tragedy and second as farce”
The first day of CBCS in ‪#‎DelhiUniversity‬ was marked with the reenactment of the ugly drama that had started two years back with the imposition of FYUP. In a university where academic and curricular activities have been thrown in to absolute anarchy by the hurried and ill-advised imposition of CBCS, the DU VC was seen taking selfies with first year students whose academic life he has thrown into great uncertainty. While teachers and academics have raised alarm about the quality and expressed dismay over the hurried manner of imposition without careful deliberation, the DU administration has shown sheer lack of sensitivity to even remotely address the concerns. Two days have passed and most colleges are still without any clue about how to implement CBCS.

#CBCS: Alarming Signs
1. Timetable: Most colleges have not been able to produce the first year timetable. The timetable has been delayed because the colleges are at a loss about the number of generic electives that are to be offered. While offering fewer options will see unmanageable crowding of the courses, offering more options will create infrastructural bottlenecks.

2. NO Text books for Generic Electives as the curriculum have been passed in the AC-EC just two days before the commencement of the session. The text books which will be hurriedly commissioned will yet again display the same substandard quality of the FYUP text books bringing shame upon Delhi University.

3. No Clarity exists till date on the question of Evaluation. If 50% of the total credits are comprised of internal assessment (IA) then how many assignment/ projects/class tests are to be allotted per paper? If there are 5 IA projects per paper then a delay in starting with the classes and lack of text books will have traumatic consequences for the students.

To hide all these glaring irregularities the VC has formed a committee to supervise the implementation of CBCS. It appears that this committee will try to quick fix the glitches of CBCS as and when they appear.
As it is DU is reeling under the pressure of managing three different under-graduate systems in all the three years. While in the third year students are studying the old ‪#‎FYUP‬ syllabus, in the second the semester and the first CBCS. With such systemic disharmony anarchy has become the rule in Delhi University.

While the worst sufferers are the Students, the VC who is the mastermind of this mindless mayhem can offer nothing but his own “selfie.” The HRD ministry is equally culpable in forcing this mindless Program on the university in spite severe opposition from the real stakeholders of the university– the students and teachers. The role of the ABVP led student Union of Delhi University is also painful. By Supporting CBCS ABVP has chosen to sacrifice the interest of students at the alter of their own political compulsion of defending the imposition of CBCS by the HRD ministry of ‪#‎Modi‬ Government.
‪#‎AISA‬ urges the students of Delhi University to unite in opposition against the CBCS which will severely affect the quality of education in Delhi University. Let us not forget that it was the united struggle of teachers and students that had defeated FYUP. Let us ensure that CBCS meets the same fate with a united struggle of teachers and students.

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