1. I am tilaiyan.i was in class 10 in tilaiya when major satbir kataria announced comrade chandrashekhar murder.may god rest his soul in peace

  2. Please aaplog lnmu ke part 3 ke examination form fill up me part 1 me promoted hues students ki help kariye ye lnmu ka student union election ka sabre bar a mudda ban sakta hai.

  3. I want to raise a concern regarding the Unethical Behavior of the Invigilators conducting the competitive exams. Today there was a exam conducted by PSPCL for the post of the JE Electrical and I would like to report a incident which happened at the center(iON Digital Zone iDZ Mohali, Plot No E-260, B A, Phase 8 B Sector 74, Focal Point , Near SBI Building, Industrial Area
    SAS Nagar, Mohali, Punjab, India – 160055) today. Invigilators were conducting the exam with very rude behavior with very unprofessional and unethical manner. Politeness was not seen in the nature. Even one of the madam was shouting in the exam. I am highlighting this incident as due to the misbehavior/mistreatment by the Invigilators the inspirations, preparations and dreams of the student get scattered.he/she come to the exam with full preparation and when on reaching center such incident happens student become upset and forgot all the relevant things which he/she has prepared for the exam and his dreams get scattered into pieces. This is not one incident, there are many like this. I have registered a complaint with PSPCL authorities with complaint no: 1802260011. Hoping for a solution from them in future. And also on leaving the examination when i asked one of the invigilator that he is from which company and which company is conducting the exam, the answer i got is that he is from Danik Bhasker in a rude manner. you can see how unethical it is. This incident can be happened with any of the student so i just wanted a proper action is taken by the higher authorities against these kind of invigilators and future of a student is secured.

  4. I am studying in a private institution affiliated to a state university. It is very hard for the students here to raise concerns about the sub-standard education which the institute provides and also the incompetent faculty which we have to bear with

  5. Protest for genuine things and discipline of the union mainly I impressd because of the question raised by the union is very genuine.

  6. I’m Nithin… Completed 10th this year and joined Trinity College Karimnagar… I pay my gratitude toeatow AISA by strengthening it.. I add my friends in AISI

  7. i love this group and iam going to add as many friends i can and i give my best to you

  8. Lal Salam ..I’m marlesh Nikam ..I’m study in Pune university ..i had already participate and working for CPI

  9. When I was in 2nd year of engineering I have cleared exam of same year with good percentage. In our class the students who get good percentage they have facility to take extra books from library. As I hhav fulfill all the criteria but my name is not in that list. Again when i have fullfill the criteria for going to industrial visit my name was not in that list. I know The manuwadi system do this type of things.

  10. To remove the caste and communal politics which is full of branding politics with fake ideas and propagandas….
    Wanna create a develop India where ppl from the smallest community or section could get the same as the leaders of the country are getting….
    Jai Hind

  11. I want to. Join. Aisa and. Want to. Help the student. Organization.to grow in assam. Love to.help and also..want to be a part of freedom. Movement. Of students..

  12. Protest for genuine things and discipline of the union mainly I impressd because of the question raised by the union is very genuine

  13. Mera nam Abhishek pandurang khot hai. Mai Maharashtra ke Sangli zile ke ak kisan pariwar se hu. Muze JNU me admition lena hai. Meri BSc in Chemistry ho gyi hai. Mai kon kon si class me admition le sakata hu. Koi bhi class chalegi. Kaise bhi karake muze JNU aana hai.
    (My contact number 9960661657,8484970338)

  14. JNUSU president N Sai Balaji ko call kijiye. Woh aapko help kar sakta hai. JNU site pe admission notice ke liye bhi wait kar sakte hai. ek do mahine pe niklega admission notice.

  15. Our India must be now well build with strong base.Education,Better reach with reality,unbiased views,information and people.Jai Hind.

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