Save UGC: Act now and Send Feedback before 20th July

UGC scrapping representative image

UGC scrapped

In a shocking and abrupt decision, the MHRD has proposed to dangerously dismantle the University Grants Commission (UGC) by repealing the UGC Act of 1956 and replace UGC with Higher Education Commission of India (HECI). The proposed HECI only have no power of disbursing the much needed grant for Universities and that power will henceforth be completely on the Government. This move is not simply one of restructuring, but a dangerous road map to to kill the inclusive character of higher education in India.

The draft Act is available at

To know what AISA thinks about this dangerous draft proposal of MHRD , click here.

 A very short window to respond on the proposed draft has been given to the public. The public response to the proposed draft act will have to be given within 20th of July, 5 pm.  Professor Ayesha Kidwai and Debaditya Bhattacharya have drafted a clause by clause elaborate response to the proposed act. This can be used as a united response of stake holders on the proposed act.

You can read the full draft of this response here.

 We appeal to all educationists, stakeholders & others to furnish their comments & suggestions by 20th july 2018 till 5 p.m & mail at

THIS CAN BE DONE IN FIVE EASY STEPS, taking 2-3 mins of your time!

  1. Open your email, and COMPOSE a new email. In the subject field, paste: FEEDBACK FOR DRAFT HECI ACT 2018.
  2. In the to field, paste:
  3. Click herePress the copy button on top right, or simply copy (CTRL + C on Windows; COMMAND + C on MAC).
  4. PASTE the copied text in the body of your email (CTRL + V on Windows; COMMAND + V on MAC).
  5. Hit send, and you’re done!

AISA requests all students and teachers of this country to send this feedback to the MHRD and resist the conspiracy to end autonomous and affordable higher education in India.


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