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[23 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 139 views]
NATIONAL CAMPAIGN TO  Save Higher Education from the Central Government’s Policy Offensives! Resist Binding Commitments to WTO, CBCS, Central University Bill and RUSA ! Fight for Equitable, Inclusive Rational and Quality Education for All!

It has been more than a year since the BJP-led government came to power at the centre. Far from ensuring their pre-election commitments made to the youth, what we see today are hu rried attempts by the central government to destroy existing educational institutes and to make higher education more inaccessible for a vast majority of the country’s population. Realising the urgent need of the hour,  AISA has started a nation-wide campaign ‘Save Education, Save Country’ to mobilize students and exert pressure on the government to withdraw its anti-education policies. …

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[23 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 101 views]
AISA Student Chain against CBCS in Delhi University

AISA organizes student chain in north campus in protest against the substandard CBCS program imposed on Delhi University.

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[9 Jul 2015 | No Comment | 403 views]
Vyapam: A Mutli-Crore Scam that Has Left 48 Dead and Still Counting!!

Promise of “Achchhe Din” Turns into a Nightmare!!
“Jo aaya hai, wo ek din jaayega” (Whoever is born, will one day die)!
Babulal Gaur, Home Ministe, Government of Madhya Pradesh
A multi-crore scam in which over Rs.2,000crore is reported to have been exchanged as bribes, a death toll of 48 (as per the last count) and the quote of Madhya Pradesh minister above- they together capture not just the extent of corruption the BJP is capable of, but also of the brutality and arrogance it displays while being corrupt.
Soon after the BJP …