1. To join against the commercialization of education. Against implementing CBCS, common admission, entrance, syllabus. Against Lingdoh committee.

  2. Hi
    as i am very willing to join AISA, what is the procedure? since i kind of like protesting, debating talking against any wrongdoings.

  3. now this time to reform our country once again after 1947 , that time our problem was englishmen but now businessmen , who wants to tacle the india indirectly ……..so its a time to fight back …against the commercialisation of educatioin .for this act i think only aisa or cpi-ml .

  4. we are with AISA only …………/best option for SOCIAL CHANGE IN INDIA IS ONLY AISA OR CPIML

  5. Have you analyzed the performance of central and state governments during last five years?
    Who is doing the cost benefit analysis of the foreign trips of political leaders and ministers? Who is checking the validity signing of various alliances, MoUs and contracts made during these foreign trips?
    What is the ultimate output and contributions to the society and the nation? Chae pe charcha, charcha pe charcha : what are the real values of these meetings and discussion? Parliamente me masti tippani chalta hai to make the public confused and stupid.
    Who is checking the lies, misleading data and points of corruptions in rail and union budget? PM and FM is presenting false statistics before the public in the parliament? What are the sources of their courage? They are worse than Mafia don. Is it the example of good governance?
    Is there any trust of the public in man ki baat?
    There is no growth in industry and commerce. Nirmala must resign.
    The governments and media are promoting porn stars Sunny Leon, costly help guides, junk food; spending crores and crores for defense. There is no growth in economy. FM must resign.
    Is the women’s empowerment really fruitful? Look at the female leaders and ministers of India : Jaya, Maya, Mamta, Nirmala, Shila, Indira, Sonia all are super flopped, liar, hungry for power, dishonest and corrupted. They are just giving false promises to the innocent public and work for their near and dear ones. Let the president go to the hail.
    The public must understand the client server model. The clients are the ministers in front end who are preaching Amiritabani before the public. At the back end, the conspiracies, communication strategies and exploiting public policies are being created by the rich class – faculties of IITs, IIMs, MBAs, CAs, universities and people from IT companies. What is the ultimate result ? The poor and backward class are getting tortured and exploited. They are getting killed at health clinics and hospitals by wrong medical testing and costly CT and MRI scan using foreign diagnostic system. The rich classes are leading luxurious life without any toil and contributions to the society – flats, cars, good food, travel. They are occupying top positions in industries, academies and government offices.
    How to stop this dance of democracy? Boycott election, media, and politics; revolt against corruption. From : R Sinha, AISFI.

  6. Am a student of National Institute of Technology surathkal mangalore Karnaraka India.
    I belong to telangana hyderabad india.
    I’ve been updating with activities of AISA india and very interested in participation of social events conducted by AISA.
    It would be my pleasure working ina big community like AISA .
    Am really forward for a membership in AISA

    Regards Tadanki Rahul STUDENT

  7. there are many problems in our society. The biggest is unwillingness to recognize them. Our political class is closing their doors in front of common man.AISA is a hope!!!!

  8. In these dark times, when the society is reeling under a pseudo-fascist rule and the basic rights of the common are being snatched away, only a counter-revolutionary offensive on the lines of Bhagat Singh is the only way. Being students, it is our responsibility to make our voices heard, make our dissent known. Yes, we will fight back, and get our rights. And in that grand objective, AISA is probably the only organization actually working for the realization of the goal.
    I joined AISA back in September 2015, and I am proud of it. AISA has given me a vision and mission to live and fight for!
    Long live student unity!
    Long live the revolution!

    Sunit Bhattacharya,
    Central University of Rajasthan

  9. i want to hlp d pple of d country through whtever means i hve … i m d kind of person who dsnt suuport intolerance or any such prudence act whch affects d motherland …. i eagerly wnt to join aaisa nd be willing my support to d organisation nd wl wrk fr d btrmnt of d country…

  10. I wnt to join aisa… bcz i wnt to b anti national. .like kanhaiya..rasheda and many more culprits.. i also want freedom from this beautiful country where i get freedom of speech and and everythng.. i wnt.. to feel independent but i still from freedom… i dnt kno from wht bs i wnt freeedom..😁😁😁

  11. In Kerala Sfi go back from low acadamy strike is caused to disappointment of their members. This fault will be chosen by abvp & KSU so take care on Kerala this is make a good institution level campaign in Kerala. My English is not better I hope you can listen me.

  12. I’m Very much interested to be an active participant. pls do initiate me about the procedures required. there are a lot of things that are to be noticed which is only possible through a good company of your support. Kindly do the needful.

  13. I want to join aisa because it exactly matches my opinion,perception.Revolutions or protests must not be just a term to become popular but it must be perpetuated against injustice and when it comes to democratic injustice,social injustice,we can see in and around every part of the country.I want to stand against inequality of education,and the defination of patriotism given by bjp or other pseudo indians…and narrow minded people,who can appriciate the views of universalism but when it comes to their way and disinterest….they seldom accept it and bark like dog.I want to stand and raise my voice against the so called sangh and those people who define nationalism in their own way..There are lot to say…but its just the begining and always been a begining till we erase injustice from its root. A red salute to all the comerads who work towards it and fight for injustice.

  14. Hello respected sir/medam ..i would like to touch with this organisation of AISA. In my student life i never been a member of any student community so now felt its a last chance to get touch with a truth and radical movement group which is must need for these days for a patriot who wanna stand at first line against the corruption and disruption of our society. Thank you

  15. Total socialism se kam kuch v nahi ,organization ko strong karna chahiye es samay jis idiolgy ki hum log baat karte hai use world aur India me aene me samay lage ga ,ek baat y v hai mere father v communist trade Union karte hai lekin ek hi idiolgy me generation gap bahut hai ,youth ko main streem politics ke ly tayar karne ki jarurat hai aur likhne bolne ,sunne k ly bahut kuch hai .

  16. Afternoon.

    Want to become active member in aisa against weak education system or blank target studies

  17. Dear NET aspirants!
    I want to draw your attention that NET will be once in a year in place of 6 months after July 2017. More than 5 Lakhs candidates appear in NET every year. The candidates start their preparation before 6 months normally and deep study before 3 months of NET but 1 year will be a long time for the candidates who have been preparing for many years and about to clear NET and if their marks 2-10 less for NET clearing, they will lose their 1 or 2 years. The preparation will be boring and doom for them because NET course is very vast & it needs continuous study. I think 6 months are better for preparation because it gives us energy to read the course and after appearing one test, we start preparation for next test happily.

    CBSE want to haze more than 5 lakhs candidates by saying that it has burden of work. Burden of work is personal matter of CBSE and it is not future of 5 lakhs candidates.


  18. sir , your student organisation is doing well but the scale of doing things is much less. so in my view of this, spread your organization to the school and college level. many youth join military after their study and serve the country , so you are requested to work to attract more youth with military background. also work for soldiers and thieir’ wards. thanking you.

  19. i read some of the comments it can be seen that people is angry against current political affairs i request you to bring all of us together by calling out some student moment

  20. Hi
    as i am very willing to join AISA, what is the procedure? since i kind of like protesting, debating talking against any wrongdoings.

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