Students, activists demand an independent judicial inquiry into Batla House encounter

By Muslim Mirror News

New Delhi, July 27: Students from Jamia Millia Islamia, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University and concerned citizens gathered today at Jantar Mantar at the call of All India Students Association and Revolutionary Youth Association. Campus Front of India also joined the gathering. A march at the Jantar Mantar road also took place. Protesters also lit candle. While the lower court has given a judgement on the Involvement of Shahzad Ahmed in the Batla House encounter case, many questions raised by residents of Batla house, students, and also the defence still remain unanswered, they said.

“While we respect the verdict of the court for now, we seek to pursue the higher courts for further proceedings as the quest for justice remains only partial. For instance, the claim that the culprits escaped L- 18 remains dubious. Also only the accounts of police witnesses were used in the trial and no independent witnesses were used, they said.

Addressing the gathering CPI (ML) polit bureau member Kavita Krishnan said, ” the verdict is based on weak evidences. We need to intensify the struggle.”

Sandipan, AISA Delhi President said, “When the case of Ishrat Jahan case has proved to be fake there also remains space that Batla House encounter should be questioned. AISA from the very beginning of the encounter has been firmly demanding a judicial probe into it. We reassert the demand from here today. With elections around, it will be interesting to see the role of UPA government”.

Sandeep, who is AISA National President pointed out that, “In the light of Ishrat Jahan encounter turned out to be fake, it is very much required that Batla house encounter should also be probed”. He further said that, “Minority witch hunting and profiling will become a big issue in the future. We have seen how the current UPA government in collusion with right wing forces was trying to paint Azamgarh as terrorist making factory. In response to this minority witch hunting people of Azamgarh had come out in protest and we will stand with them against such witch hunting in the name of fighting terrorism.”

Shakeel, JNUSU General Secretary asserting the demand for an independent probe into the Batla house encounter said that, “Politics of this country is moving towards minority marginalization, we can see how Muslims are being kept out of the mainstream fields in this country. It is clear from the recent trends that innocent Muslims youths are being targeted in the name of fighting terrorism. We will fight against this minority witch hunting by the establishment.”

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