Condemn Police Brutality on Jishnu’s Family by Pinarayi Vijayan’s Government!


Brutality in Place of Justice for Jishnu’s Family in Kerala!

Ensure Justice for Jishnu! End the Spate of Crackdown on Protesters and Dissenters in Kerala!



AISA Condemns the police brutality upon Jishnu Pranoy’s family. Jishnu (aged 18) a first year Engineering student of Nehru Engineering College, Pambady, Thrissur, died in mysterious circumstances. While his death is alleged to be a suicide, Jishnu’s family has claimed that he was beaten up in the Vice Principal’s room and blood stains have been found in that room. The postmortem report also indicates marks of physical torture on Jishnu’s body.

The Nehru Engineering College is a self-financing college, and self-financing colleges are notorious in Kerala for physical, mental and sexual harassment of students. Jishnu’s friends and family have strongly contested the college’s claim that he was caught copying in an exam – they say Jishnu was beaten and tortured because he questioned why the exam was being conducted by a private agency rather than by the college.


When all the accused in the case are wandering free even after three months of the incident, Jishnu’s mother and family seeking justice was dealt with brutally by the Kerala Police. One of the main accused in the case, the chairman of  Nehru College continues to get bail while Jishnu’s family members seeking justice face a crackdown. No action has been taken by the government against the police officers  who manhandled the peacefully protesting Jishnu’s family including Jishnu’s mother Mahija. Instead of taking action against the police officers, the government including the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has shamelessly come in defence of Kerala Police.

Jishnu himself was a Left supporter. It is indeed shameful that when a government that runs in the name of Left Democratic Front is not only denying justice to Jishnu in his death, but treating his justice-seeking family with utter insensitivity and authoritarian way to shield the accused. Rampant use of laws like the UAPA on independent thinkers and activists as well as encounter killings in Mallapuram indicate the CPIM-led Pinarayi Vijayan government’s contempt for dissent and democratic norms.

AISA extends full solidarity to Jishnu Pranoy’s mother Mahija and his family in seeking justice for him. We are also committed continuing the fight against privatization of education, the undemocratic private teaching-shops run in Kerala and all over India the name of ‘self-financing’, and against all attacks on freedom of expression.

We believe that to be ‘Left’ must mean to stand for people’s rights and liberties. Today, BJP Governments are known for their crackdown on protesters and dissenters. The images of Rohith’s mother and Najeeb’s mother being dragged by the Delhi Police shocked the country. For the LDF Government of Kerala to behave in the same manner towards a mother seeking justice for her son is extremely unfortunate and condemnable in such circumstances. We also wish to remind the LDF government that the people of Kerala elected the LDF government with the hopes of fighting communalism and corruption: the spate of police crackdowns on protesters and dissenters only defeats such hope.


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  1. sometimes students may be wrong , but fucking college staff / administration, never guide such students instead of guidance they harass and physical inquiry , college Admission के १०० दिमाख होते है ! और students एक ….. १०० अनुभवी staff के आगे students के पास कोई रस्ता नाही होती ….शिवाय #&%#@&*–&* . ..

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