Expose Tarun Vijay’s Racist, Condescending Mindset Towards South India

RSS-BJP’s Tarun Vijay Says: ‘We live with blacks (south Indians), can’t be racist’

Cartoon Courtesy: Indian Express

Tarun Vijay, desperate to deny the obvious racist violence against African people in India, ended up confirming his own racist attitude.
His remark:
Profiles South India as a racial ‘Other’
Indicates that India belongs to ‘We’ (Tarun Vijay &Co.) who condescend to ‘live with’ South Indians!
Tarun Vijay’s remark reflects RSS thinking. Remember Dinanath Batra’s textbooks with a preface by Narendra Modi, which are compulsory in Gujarat schools? Those textbooks:
Use the racist N-word to describe a Black American, saying “very strongly built negro” was like a “tied buffalo.”
Describes Indians as the ‘’perfectly cooked wheat-coloured roti’’, while the Negroes are ‘’rotis that are burnt from staying too long on the fire’’!!!
Tarun Vijay’s remark implies that he thinks of himself and other people in the North India as the perfectly cooked rotis of the correct colour, to whom India belongs, who can tolerate the ‘Others’ who are ‘Black’ or have ‘chapti naak’ (flat noses, as Sushma Swaraj described people of the North East.)
Mr Tarun Vijay, stop denying the ugly reality of racism around us – which is displayed daily in the obsession with “fair skin,” in the indignities and violence meted out to people from the North East states as well as to Black guests from African, Caribbean and other nations.

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