AISA-RYA Stands In Solidarity with Bhim Army’s Bahujan Hunkaar Rally

Bhim Army's protest Rally

Bhim Army’s protest Rally

Unite Against the Saffron Regime’s Attack on the Marginalised! Unite Against All Attempts to Kill Contitutional Principles!

Defeat the Regime of Terror and Hate against Minorities!

Implement 50% Reservation for SC/ST/OBCs!

Defeat All Casteist Ploys against 200 Point Roster System!

Implement Reservation in Private Sector!

Stop Diluting Forest Rights Act!

Resist Eviction of Tribals from Forests!

Release all Dalit Protesters Arrested in 2nd April Bharat Bandh! Drop All False Charges!

In the last five years of Modi regime, we have witnessed an intensified increase in hate speech and violence against Dalits and Muslims. Communal mob lynchings and its triumphant celebrations have become the “new normal”- bloodthirsty crowds can be seen to revel in humiliation, beatings, killings, video recording and circulating them with no fear of law. The trajectory of all these gruesome assaults and killings is also painfully similar. Essentially, people in positions of power – elected BJP MLAs and MPs and police officials – clearly indicate that they support the mob and the lynchings. Continue reading

International Women’s Day : Defeat the Regime of Worst Ever Attack on Women’s Rights!

Capitalism depends on domestic labour

Capitalism depends on domestic labour

8 March – International Women’s Day – was born in the struggles that women factory workers in thousands waged against bondage a century ago

Women workers in early 20th century USA and Europe organised with the red flag and the revolutionary communist movement to demand an 8-hour working day, secure jobs, workplace safety, and the right to vote. It is these women, along with the communist party, which first united across countries to hold the first International Women’s Day in 1911. Continue reading